Psychological stress and its association with overuse injuries/Sam Renouf, CEO of PTO

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May 6 2022 • 49 mins

In this episode:

Overuse injuries are very common amongst professional triathletes and high performing age groupers alike. The conventional wisdom has always been that these are due to overloading training combined with insufficient recovery. New research now also suggests an important role for psychological and psychosocial stressors as well. I review the published evidence. Also, a discussion with the CEO of the Professional Triathlete's Organization (PTO) Sam Renouf. Sam educates me on the reasoning for the PTO and how it is aiming to improve our sport for professionals and age groupers alike and why we should celebrate their success and collaboration with WTC and Clash.


[06:36]- Overuse injuries and the association with psychological stressors

[17:45]- Sam Renouf


Sam Renouf

Sam's Website

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