Creating Strong Business Foundations. EP #188 - Den Lennie

How to Scale a Video Business with Den Lennie

Jun 2 2021 • 15 mins

Today, Den gets down-n-dirty and talks about one of business's most unsexy, unglamorous, and sometimes deadly dull topics. But make no mistake, this is the one topic that if embraced, can truly move the needle in your business. Prepare to get some dirt under your nails with this episode.

But first...

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • An eye-opening revelation into why so many freelancers struggle in business. (And... how to avoid being one of them. - 1:20)
  • A 3-second mind "tweak" can potentially open the flood gates for your business's growth and profitability. - 2:25
  • Den's disturbingly good "Pounding The Treadmill of Mediocrity" admonition. - 2:45
  • How "specificity" can potentially boost your productivity, ratch up your focus, and goose your business's profits. - 2:40
  • 5 hard-hitting business questions most freelancers avoid answering or flat-out can't answer. (Not knowing the answer to these 5 vital questions will keep you forever chasing your tail and fighting over the scraps left by bigger and stronger competitors. - 3:00)
  • The #1 reason why many freelancers, when it comes to running their business, are more inept, disorganized, and inefficient than the Three Stooges repairing a leaky faucet. - 7:45
  • The “P&M” secret to getting absolute clarity for your business. - 8:50
  • The best-kept secret in the video production industry. (If more video freelancers knew about this, there would be a whole lot more successful video freelancers. Period. - 10:30)
  • A BIG (but easily fixed) mistake many freelance videographers make on their website that damages their credibility. - 12:00
  • How doing LESS work can make you more profit. - 13:05
  • Hard-nosed insider advice on how to smash through financial ceilings. 13:35

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