#11 - Revolver Meets Jock Jams (Spoon - Girls Can Tell + more)


Sep 21 2022 • 2 hrs 6 mins

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today we begin by looking at a band that truly embodies 2000's indie rock in all its tropes (for better or worse): Spoon, and their breakout album - 2001's "Girls Can Tell". we examine why and how Spoon reformed itself from a Pixies-inspired 90's bar band floundering on a major label into being the archetypal mid-60's mod-inspired too cool for school hipster band that personified its big indie label, Merge Records, and the indie kitsch of the era. also we go into why neither of us feel particularly strongly about (or have much to say about) Spoon.

after that, we have another discussion about various news in the music world (at least at the time this episode was recorded...lol). from our thoughts about the current 'indie sleaze' revival which may or may not actually exist, to early 2000's nostalgia tours and why so much 'indie' music of the era sort of feels like the sound of gentrification, to people giving up on music in their 30's, to the Arcade Fire/Win Butler allegations... and more