Ghost vs. Iron Maiden in the Ultimate Showdown Between two Great Metal Bands

Gen X Bros.

Sep 20 2022 • 1 hr 19 mins

The Gen X Brothers break down two of Erik’s all time favorite bands – Iron Maiden and Ghost.  Who will be victorious?  Tobias Forge or Bruce Dickerson?

Can there be anymore KISS Drama??  Hell yeah there can!  Erik gives us an update with all that goes on in the battle for Middle Earth when Roy Damm and the Gooch finally shut down KISS Army’s Revenge YouTube Channel out of spite.

The brothers also talk about the upcoming Documentary for Sweet Poison – Out October 1st.  A glorious 80’s Metal Band that is reliving the past in good spirits.

Don’t forget to go out and get Ozzy Osbourne's new Album with Patient Number 9.

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Edge of Life Designs