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'Let It Go' from FROZEN performed by Tina Kyriakis
Dec 12 2022
'Let It Go' from FROZEN performed by Tina Kyriakis
Our long-time friend and collaborator, Tina Kyriakis of Redwood City, Calif., who traditionally releases an end-of-year cover song, has outdone herself this year. We hope you enjoy her interpretation of Let It Go! from FROZEN as much as we have.- Ralph & KendraSQUEAKY CHEESE PRODUCTIONS ===============Dear Friends and Colleagues,Happy Holidays to you all! I hope you are all having the happiest of holidays this Winter Season with your friends and family. Most people send Holiday Cards.  I, year after year, would much rather spend those hours needed to address cards, recording music. Christmas music is a particularly favorite genre of mine, so year by year, I've recorded my own versions of some of my favorites. However, I realize that there are many different religions on my mailing list, so I have also been trying to find non-religious holiday music that will please the masses.This year, the song I selected practically slapped me in the face. It's everywhere. Every time I turn on the TV, I see ads for the musical currently playing in SF.  That's right, I chose to sing "Let it Go" from FROZEN. That's about as secular a holiday song as you can get; in fact, it's not even a holiday song. It just belongs to a musical with lots of snow, thereby making everybody think it's a holiday song. So that works for my purposes!Upon further analysis of the lyrics, "Let it Go" is really a coming-of-age song, encouraging us to embrace our own differences, forget what others might think, harness our unique powers for good, and ultimately, love ourselves. As I will be celebrating my 50th rotation around the sun this December, I thought it was really a timely song to present itself to me.(Oh, for the record, I have never actually seen FROZEN... guess I have to now! )May this music help us wrap up the end of 2022 into a neat little bow, and here's to a beautiful, healthy, and prosperous 2023! From my mic to your ears... Happy Holidays to All, and a Marvelous New Year!Tina Kyriakis