Episode 012: The Lone Traveler | Pt. 2

Knights Of The Bantam

Nov 7 2021 • 2 hrs

You don’t transmute donkeys, but you do work through your Snowpiercer and Fullmetal Alchemist dog-girl chimera trauma live on stream. The party and their new friend Tod talk next steps. He’s a little nervous and might have a totally innocuous secret or two, but at least our heroes are out of the metaphorical woods. For now. Right? Content warning: psychological horror, body horror, descriptions of physical violence, sort of roaches again Like what we do? Join us on our Linktr.ee! Check out our very cool friend GenderMeowster!: http://www.linktr.ee/gendermeowster (www.linktr.ee/gendermeowster)  Music Credits Courtesy of https://soundcloud.com/derek-bruno-335307985 (Eestra on Soundcloud): Knights of the Bantam Main Theme Lost Places Steel Yourselves By The Campfire Courtesy of http://www.epidemicsound.com (www.epidemicsound.com): ANTISOUND / Deep ANTISOUND / Goo ANTISOUND / Plague ANTISOUND / Please Come Home Ballpoint / Turn to Stone Brendon Moeller / Campfire Tails Damma Beatz / Dojo Damma Beatz / Then I Go Ethan Sloan / A Massive Mist Jay Varton / Mental Stillness Justnormal / The Toad And The Bull Support this podcast