So, where's the human in my supply chain?

Tech Uncorked

Nov 6 2020 • 34 mins

What supply chain challenges are currently faced by industry and  how can we find solutions that work long-term?  From noodling (don't ask, just listen!) to AI, Blockchain, and the IoT, we explore the ways in which technology is helping to overcome these challenges  with this week's expert, Helen Mackenzie, and ask, "where's the human being in this picture?"

Here's some more information about our special guest:

Helen Mackenzie is the Principal Advisor at Procurious, the world’s largest on-line network for procurement and supply chain professionals.  She was a senior leader in the UK public procurement for over decade. She has authored a number of publications about procurement and technology and has also published many articles online.​

Helen has received international recognition for her pioneering work combining public procurement with community empowerment and her teams have demonstrated award winning performance at Scottish and UK level.  She currently serves on the Board of the Scottish Public Pensions Agenda where she chairs the Audit and Risk Committee.

If you'd like to contact Helen, here are the best ways to do so: