Whale Hymn #662

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

May 23 2024 • 1 hr 6 mins

Out on the ocean, the wind blowing through our hair with whales on the horizon on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #662. Subscribe now!

Lunasa, Natalie Padilla, Wylde Nept, Louise Bichan, Adria Jackson, Dublin Gulch, Tarren, Bettina Solas, The BorderCollies, The Crowfoot Rakes, Solar Grove, The Kilt LIfters, High Octane, Bealtaine


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0:02 - Intro: Matthew Newman

0:15 - Lúnasa “O’Carolan's Tea” from Live in Kyoto

3:53 - WELCOME

5:34 - Natalie Padilla “Larkspur” from Montana Wildflower

8:56 - Wylde Nept “Sail Forever” from All's Fair

12:31 - Louise Bichan “Deltingside” from The Lost Summer

17:57 - Adria Jackson “The Skye Boat Song” from Troubadour

20:10 - FEEDBACK

24:16 - Dublin Gulch “The Orphan Girl” from Tap 'Er Light

26:55 - Tarren “Spring Polkas” from Revel

31:55 - Bettina Solas “Chatham Street Faire” from Ruminations and Wanderings

34:54 - The BorderCollies “Galway Shawl” from To the Hills and Back

39:30 - Erin Ruth “The Lonely Woods Of Upton” from single

42:56 - THANKS

45:08 - The Crowfoot Rakes “Spanish Ladies” from Off She Goes

48:41 - Solar Grove “Rust From The Storm   “ from single

53:58 - The Kilt LIfters “Red, Red, Rose” from single

56:39 - High Octane “Trip to Balmaha” from High Octane

1:00:26 - CLOSING

1:01:48 - Bealtaine “The Whale Hymn” from The Founders' Room

1:06:02 - CREDITS

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murray mcdowell sent a picture and wrote: “hi Marc, we had a fantastic St Patrick's weekend culminating in a great session in Katy Jane's Bar in Larne, Co. Antrim”

fitz ml wrote: “Marc, so glad you had a fun St. Patrick's Day. We had a church potluck with corned beef and cabbage and a lot of people showed up in different shades of green.”

Dinah emailed photos: “Happy Day after☘️ Here I am playing fiddle with Michael Hynes (duo is Fiddlers Rock) at the Golden Lion [right across road from Atlantic Ocean] in Flagler Beach FL. Last night 3/17, I came down to play St. Patrick’s Day gigs with Michael/Mike Hynes who moved here almost three years ago from MA ☘️”

Jolena Foster emailed: “Hi Mark: I'm Jolena. I used to contact you some on mastodon some. Anyway, I'm sitting outside while listening to the podcast. It's 70° right now with the temperature climbing up to 79°. Keep playing the great celtic music, and I'll keep listening.”

John L Pearson emailed: “Marc!! I often use March to dig through my own archives of Celtic music, and I celebrate long - distance with a great friend who is a Celtic jewelry maker I met at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival way more than a decade ago!

I love the podcast, and can’t remember right off the last new fav I heard on the podcast. In the last year or two I really got into Shane Henessey’s guitar stuff—not sure if I heard it on your podcast or elsewhere.

But I also pull out old favs. The Waterboys Room to Roam. Maybe not quite celtic, but a couple of the early bands had that flavor.

And I’ll put on some Great Big Sea—though sadly they aren’t around anymore, Alan Doyle is still out there making music. And when I really feel the need to get up and dance, I thrown on some Natalie MacMaster. And then when I’m tired and need to get contemplative over a green beer (at least metaphorically green) I’ll put on some Loreena McKennitt.

And I can’t begin to tell you how much great Celtic music you have turned me on to. Thank You! I’m looking forward to your St. Pat’s month podcast! Stainte!”

David Cullen emailed a photo: “Greetings from The Brogues in Townsville Australia

Hope you had a great weekend, Marc.”