Celtic Tides #603

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

Apr 20 2023 • 1 hr 10 mins

Ride the tide with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #603.

The Langer's Ball, Hanneke Cassel,  Niamh Dunne, Kalos, Kieran Byrne, Seldom Sober, Kinnfolk, Ben Doran, Madman's Window, Emerald Accent, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Paddyman, Kellys Wayke, the commoners, Michael Maloney, The Druids


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0:02 - Intro: Boxing Robin

0:10 - The Langer's Ball "Reels: Maid Behind the Bar/Anything for Jonjo?" from Appetite for Tradition

2:44 - WELCOME

4:40 - Hanneke Cassel "Dusky Meadow Set" from Reasons Unseen

09:58 - Niamh Dunne "Tides w/ Karan Casey" from Tides

13:26 - Kalos "April and Joe's/Brownington Ceilidh Club" from Headland

18:37 - Kieran Byrne "Spancil"

22:20 - FEEDBACK

25:25 - Seldom Sober “Jigs: Geese in the Bog / The Wandering Minstrel / The Coleraine” from Six Months in Confession

Kinnfolk and Arise & Go, two of the artists we feature on this podcast, were selected as finalists for the Robinson Emerging Artist Showcase! The contest is put on by the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival in Canada and provides emerging artists some high quality opportunities for professional development as professional Celtic musicians. You can read more about it on Facebook.

29:10 - Kinnfolk "Right All Right" from Kinnfolk

31:59 - Ben Doran "Ship in a Bottle" from Ceol an Chroi II

34:03 - Madman's Window "The Scolding Wife" from All Guns Blazing - Live!

36:39 - Emerald Accent "Farewell to the Catskills" from All of Us


A setting of a  poem written by a Mr M Edgerley which he submitted to The Observer (Queensland, Australia) in 1924.

The poem is titled “A Returned Soldier’s Lament”

I’ve renamed the song 1924 partly because I have made small changes to the text  -  and have added a verse,  but also the date is really significant to the meaning of the words.  The poem references WW1 from that date: being 6 years after the war ended, 9 years after the majority of the ANZAC troops joined the war and 8 years after their greatest involvement and losses both at Gallipoli and all along the Western front.

Oh  -  and it’s going to be on our next duo album that will be out sometime this year.  Caveat warning, however; -   we’re so busy doing a load of other things  -  including the beginnings of a new Purcells Polyphonic Party album as well as festivals and folk clubs and recording for TV and games…. that any plan for launching is going to have to be quite  vague.

44:20 - Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer "1924"

50:12 - THANKS

51:48 - Paddyman "The Best Pub Party in the World" from One for the Road

54:36 - Kellys Wayke "Walk the Mile" from Kellys Wayke

58:10 - the commoners "What's Your Whiskey For" from What's Your Whiskey For

1:01:42 - Michael Maloney "'Round the Mountains of Mourne" from January Hopeful

1:05:32 - CLOSING

1:07:11 - The Druids "South Australia"

1:09:35 - CREDITS

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Scott McCreary replied to the Celtic Music Magazine: "Hey Marc I listen to the Irish and Celtic music podcast while whittling and or wood working, cutting the grass in my two acre yard or at break time at my job at Amazon. This St. Patrick’s day I don’t really have plans but will definitely have corned beef for supper. I may get ambitious and make a coddle or stew at some point.

I have always heard that you don’t choose Ireland. Ireland chooses you and that’s my case. I am an Irish descendent but have never been to Ireland. I eat up all I can about it I.e. the language, music, movies and pictures and culture. I celebrate Ireland every day "

Marguerite Kearns replied: "I am just listening to the content of your songs and music. Doing nothing else. Some things don't fit well with multitasking...you fit into that category. Onward"

Michael Corbett emailed: "Hi Marc!

This is Michael from Seldom Sober.  You were a great supporter of ours when we released our last CD in 2019.  I'm sorry to tell you that Colleen, the other half of Seldom Sober, is having health problems. It would really lift her spirits for you to play one of her tune sets.  Since our last CD was 4 years ago it doesn't get much attention anymore, but she loves hearing that we're being played around the world.  We were actually big in New Zealand when the CD first came out.  Just let me know which episode it's on.  She knows I listen to your podcast, so I'll just tell her I heard it

Thanks for your consideration!  Please keep up the good work!  You sponsored the main stage at the Savannah Irish Festival in 2019, and we appreciate that!”