St. Patrick's Day 2024 #652

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

Mar 7 2024 • 1 hr 40 mins

Happy St Patrick’s Day from the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #652.

Arise & Go, Santiago Molina, Corey Purcell, Mary Beth Carty, The Haar, The Gothard Sisters, Emma Langford, Socks in the Frying Pan, Fire In The Glen, The Chieftains, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, The Langer's Ball, We Banjo 3, The BorderCollies, Heather Dale, Banshee in the Kitchen, The Celtic Kitchen Party. Santiago Molina, The High Kings, The Bow Tides, Matt McGinn, Poitín, Syr, Marc Gunn, Jesse Ferguson


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0:17 - Arise & Go “The Dirty Bee: La Grondeuse / Mutt's Favourite / Break Yer Bass Drone / The Dirty Bee” from Meeting Place

5:28 - WELCOME

8:23 - Santiago Molina “Acá y ahora” from Desde un nuevo lugar

11:30 - Corey Purcell “Jock Stuart” from Undaunted

16:14 - Mary Beth Carty “Lake Ainslie to Millburn” from Crossing the Causeway

20:07 - The Haar “Home Boys Home” from Where Old Ghosts Meet

27:26 - The Gothard Sisters “Alaska Set” from Dragonfly

31:01 - Emma Langford “Demon Darling” from Sowing Acorns

34:14 - Socks in the Frying Pan “Ahhhhhhhhh (Live)” from Raw & Ríl (Live)

37:50 - FEEDBACK

44:36 - Fire In The Glen “Big Strong Man” from Cutting Bracken

46:57 - The Chieftains “The Morning Dew” from Bear's Sonic Journals: The Foxhunt  -  Live In San Francisco 1973

50:40 - Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer “Folk Club Song” from Twelve Months & A Day

55:49 - The Langer's Ball “Reel/Jig: The Otter's Holt/Morrison's Jig” from Appetite for Tradition

58:46 - We Banjo 3 “Alive With You” from Open The Road

1:01:38 - The BorderCollies “Carraig Nua” from Sticks and Stones

1:04:55 - Heather Dale “Down By the Salley Gardens” from My Celtic Heart

1:08:10 - Banshee in the Kitchen “Banish Lisa” from The Last Pint  -  Not

1:11:29 - THANKS

1:15:08 - The Celtic Kitchen Party “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya” from Lobster Tail and Beer

1:19:05 - The High Kings “Paddy's Day” from The Road Not Taken

1:21:52 - The Bow Tides “The Power of Three” from Sailing On

1:26:44 - Matt McGinn “Lig Dúinn” from Behind Every Door // 2023

1:29:24 - Poitín “Mashed Mouse” from One For The Road

1:31:28 - Syr “To Avalon” from Sentinel

1:35:00 - CLOSING

1:37:02 - Marc Gunn with Jesse Ferguson “Molly Malone” from Come Adventure With Me

1:39:39 - CREDITS

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Christopher Fennell replied to my Re: Happy St Patrick's Month Feedback Request:  "Hi Marc, I love your podcast! I'm celebrating the early part of St. Patrick's month by volunteering in the Iditarod race in Alaska. I'll be singing Celtic tunes while taking care of the huskies running for 1,049 frozen miles from Anchorage to Nome. I have dual citizenship with the Republic, as my grandparents immigrated from Roscommon, Dublin, and Limerick. Perhaps I can start a sled - dog team representing the Republic somewhere in the future. Best wishes,"

Ben Doran replied to my feedback request: "Hello Marc;

The weather here in Wisconsin today definitely inspires kilt wear. And weather/whether or not it is nearly this nice on St. Patrick's Day weekend, I'll be kilting it up. And singing with the band Ar Ais Aris (a - rash a - reesh)("Back Again") on Saturday in Berwyn, Il; then Sunday, to Galena, Il; then finish up with our two usual gigs for retirement communities in Rockton, Il and Beloit, WI on Monday. I will (yep) probably color my beard in orange and green for Monday.

I think among the many new sounds/new music that I've heard from your podcasts, it would be the band, Larkin, that has my fancy (this week, anyway). No, I don't consider myself fickle, just distracted.  Slainte, Marc!!"

woodland folk emailed a photo: "heading to the wood for a fire and a practice,can listen then my friend... Attached is a picture,me and another friend who plays a Welsh harp, stopped to play a little on the river brue ...."

Nathanael Stottlemyer emailed: "We're losing Good Celtic Music

Hi Marc, It was last year that I started listening to your podcast, and like a mad man I started your podcast at the very beginning. I'm now at the year 2016 and I've loved every episode. There is just one problem. When I look up the bands that I loved and that I want to purchase their music, they're gone. There's no website, no Spotify, no YouTube, sometimes I can't even find their CD's used! And it's a shame, because they're good songs and sometimes, take Young Hunting by Serious Kitchen (Which was in your best of the year podcasts more than once) it's the only Celtic rendition of the song on the internet. I managed to buy the last Tig! Album off the internet, but it's looking bad for some of my other favorites.

We're losing years of Celtic music, and it's a shame, especially since I know that the members of Serious Kitchen and others are still around. I don't suppose I'm missing a way to buy these albums. I really hope I am. I don't suppose you could use your amazing Celtfather connections and reach out to some of the people of these bands and see if they'd put on Bandcamp? Or perhaps a huge "Best of the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast" album with some of these lost treasures? They're some of the best music I've heard. Thanks, Nathanael"