Divorce: The First Six Months with Peter Maestrey

Peter Maestrey

This conversation is about Divorce, specifically the first six months. It's about understanding the emotional and physical spaces the guests have gone through. You will listen to and observe what people have experienced and the decisions they made to navigate their divorce. They talk about what happened, what they did, and what they would do differently. The conversation is unique because it provides insights into what happens in divorce within the first six months. Learn what we did, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes. read less

Season 6

Segev Perets - I did not know how to honor myself.
Jan 3 2022
Segev Perets - I did not know how to honor myself.
Segev is the first person we have a conversation with within DTF6M that is technically not divorced, but has gone through or is going through what a divorced person goes through. He has two boys, the youngest with special needs and he is a Masculine Embodiment Relationship Coach. What I learned from Segev in this episode and the ones to come which I hope you will listen to was the acceptance of what life places on his doorstep. He navigates his conversations and obstacles with deep reflection and observation.He ends this episode with his thoughts of what being a good man was to him and begins by stating that he left the marriage several times, even though he is still not divorced. He shines a light on what honoring himself really means and declares that he did not know how to in the beginning. How that was a reflection of his upbringing and available knowledge. Segev shares a side of him most would not. He tells you he has cried without apologizing for his manhood. He paints the picture of what he went through and how he overcame in a way we can all understand and relate to. He does all this and more in his conversations. I invite you to listen to all of his episodes in order so that you can learn how his story unfolded.Purchase your copy of Divorce The First Six Months: What to Expect today! Don't go another moment without understanding what to expect in the divorce process. Visit Amazon.com and type in my name Peter Maestrey. Learn what to expect and how to prepare for it.

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