Lessons From A Failed Startup

Perry Ogwuche

Perry Ogwuche who was previously a YC founder talks to other founders from the YC community and beyond with inactive companies to learn from their stories and unique experiences with running a business that they eventually had to shut down. Lessons from a failed startup podcast focuses on the stories of entrepreneurs who have started businesses that are among the 95% of businesses that don’t quite make it to the finish line.
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Oct 29 2020
5 mins
Will investors invest in a founder who has had a failed startup? w/Nathan Lustig of Magma PartnersThe importance of building your company for customers and not investors w/Praful MathurGetting back to the workforce after shutting down a company w/Ayush Kumar of Vitrix HealthShutting down one company and getting an acquisition offer the next day w/Peer RichelsenWhy Glio, the first Latin American company in YC shut down with João De PaulaShutting down a growing business at it's peak with Gaurav Maken of Mylk GuysThe story of YCombinator's GoScale (Heroku for pHp) and why it failed, with Co-founder Colin HayhurstBeing okay with the fact that your startup idea might be a bad idea and the importance of a good networkHaving a great idea and $1million and still needing to shut down. Discussing founder market fit w/Pranshu of PrayasLearning from multiple failed ideas before building a multimillion dollar business with John Coogan of SoylentFake traction and the fear of failing with Kristen Fang, co-founder of StrattyX (TechCrunch Disrupt & YCombinator)MoveLoot raised $22m & shut down 3 years later. Here's the story w/co-founder Shruti ShahThe story of YCombinator's Dropleaf (Netflix for video games) and why it failed, with Co-founder Vikram Rangraj (CAO @ Rize presently)Launch Episode