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Morning Brew co-founder, Alex Lieberman sits down with titans of industry, athletes, and entertainment's biggest names to discuss the mental and personal challenges they've overcome to get where they are today. It's honest, raw, and a reminder that we're all just doing the best we can. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Imposters podcast helps listeners feel capable of tackling life's challenges. It hosts guests who share how they overcame personal challenges. These experts are well-respected athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, and more. Conversations are raw, uncut, and authentic. That's what makes the podcast so inspiring.

Imposters comes from the company behind the Morning Brew Daily podcast and newsletter. This media platform seeks to make news more enjoyable, and this podcast is much the same. It addresses a tricky emotion-that of feeling like a fraud. Dealing with unwanted feelings can be challenging and something people want to avoid. But in typical Morning Brew style, the podcast provides a fresh, exciting perspective on the issue. It makes it feel controllable and will inspire listeners to feel they can make a change. With Imposters, feelings of imposter syndrome are much more manageable.

Hosting Imposters is one of the Morning Brew cofounders, Alex Lieberman. One of the unique things about Lieberman is that he views vulnerability as a strength. This is different from how most people think and means he is a fitting host for such a show. He uses this belief to help listeners leverage their vulnerability. Together, he and the guests prove how one can rise and conquer a task, even when it seems impossible.

A variety of guests have appeared on the Imposters podcast. Jay Shetty speaks on how becoming a monk helped him find his calling. Susan David, a Harvard psychologist, talks about emotional intelligence. Monica Lewinsky reveals how she recovered from scandal. There is much to learn from individuals who have struggled yet overcome. It demonstrates that triumph is always possible.

So many experience troubles and pains. Imposters helps people discover that it's how they react to the troubles that matters. It uses real-life stories from well-known names to show this. The podcast is inspiring, uplifting, and a helpful resource for overcoming imposter syndrome.

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