Worship and Surrender With Alan Cutting and Ray Jones

The Believer's Journey Podcast

Jun 19 2020 • 1 hr 1 min

Ray Jones began to serve in the local church ministry in 1975, on a full-time basis. In 1981 Radiance Ministries was launched. Ray is the President and Founder of Radiance Ministries. The purpose of this ministry is to help the church get outside the walls of its buildings sharing Christ and helping people understand true worship of Jesus. Ray has traveled extensively nationally and internationally to Mexico, Russia (Moldova), Haiti and Central America to share Christ and teach the church about worship.

In 1992 Ray became the Worship Pastor at Community Bible Church in San Antonio, TX and served there for 26 years. During his time there, the church grew from 230 people in worship to over 20,000 in worship. Under Rays leadership, he had over 1,200 people involved in leading worship or training the next generation of worshipers.

Ray has become a regular speaker at worship conferences all over the nation, speaking to worship leaders on a wide range of topics including choirs, multi-generational worship, etc. Ray is on the Board of Directors for the Liberty University School of Worship and he has one book published, Will You Worship?

Ray is married to Andrea and they have 4 boys. Ray, Andrea, and two of their sons are published songwriters. With over 60 songs published they are having an impact on the worship of churches all over the country. Ray is highly sought after. His teaching, music and influence has worldwide ripples and it is truly an honor to have Ray Jones as our guest as we delve into the topics of Worship and Surrender.

Radiance Ministries

The Believer’s Journey is a platform to educate and guide the body of believer’s to be true to the scriptures and be able to differentiate traditional interpretations from the actual truth. At its core, The Believer’s Journey is a ministry that reaches out to anyone who is in the “Church” and teaches that Christianity is living in a relationship with Jesus and with other Believers… it is not NOT a religion. That the fundamental goal of every believer, is to Become Like Jesus…We believe it is of the upmost importance, in a teaching format, that people should have the availability to respond with their input and also ask questions. That is why we have always made available the opportunity for people to listen and engage in any lesson at hand. Each of us are on a journey… collectively and personally.

“Unless you engage, learning will be minimal”
– Alan Cutting


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