Meditation and Beyond

Elliott S. Dacher, M.D.

In Meditation and Beyond you will discover a uniquely different approach to meditation. There are two traditional aims of meditation. The first is cultivating a healthy human life. The second is transcending our limited day-to-day consciousness to discover our true self and its extraordinary qualities of human flourishing. Our first session begins by focusing on two quick and sure methods of calming the mind. Whenever your mind is out of control, these will be your go-to that is simple, surprisingly effortless, and goes directly to the essence of meditation. The first aim of meditation is to diminish, stress, calm the mind, decrease reactivity, and improve the quality of our relationships. The second aim of meditation is the heart and true essence of meditation. This approach cuts through the limitations of day-to-day living and reveals the precious gold of human life - a sustained serenity, natural wisdom, unchanging happiness, and boundless freedom. . We learn how to meditate in an entirely new and effortless way. Let’s join together on the journey of a lifetime. If you are ready, you will discover life’s treasures.

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Dec 5 2022
For those who are only familiar with their ordinary self the phrase “self-remembering” may be a bit confusing. However, for others, who have explored further, it is apparent that there are two distinct “selves.” The first is our ordinary day-to-day self and the second is our natural, fundamental, and essential Self.We are not born with our personal self. This day-to day self is acquired over many years. Early in life we are given a name, which over time becomes the repository of our day-to-day experiences. These experiences are strung together by memory into what appears to be a continuous personal self. From that accumulated history we form our beliefs, likes and dislikes, and reactive habits, all of which we know as our personal self.Now let’s look at the other self. Our natural self, from the onset of life, resides at the center of our being. Although in adulthood it’s obscured by the personal self and its restless mind, it is always present and available if we turn towards it. This essential self is spacious, unconditioned, ever-present, easeful, and spontaneously present. We can say it self-reveals when the veils of our personal self fall away.Like the flower that spontaneously gives forth its perfume, our true self has its own perfume – it exudes a natural and profound serenity, easeful delight, keen wisdom, and selfless heart. There is nothing we need to do to experience these gems of life except to self-remember who we truly are and align ourself with our true nature. Support the Show.Welcome to my PodcastsOn my website below you will find many resources and a sign-up link to our Sunday morning Zoom teaching and meditation. Everyone is invited.www.elliottdacher.orgAware, Awake, Alive on Amazon