015: The Tired Teacher & The Emotional Effects of COVID

Trillium Montessori Talks

Apr 26 2022 • 16 mins

If you’ve been teaching throughout the pandemic, you’ve probably heard of or witnessed fellow educators leave the field. The increased expectations of teachers in our society paired with the physical and emotional impacts of COVID have made for thousands of tired, overworked teachers. But through personal action and systematic changes, we believe we can improve our work environments and weather the symptoms of “long haul emotional COVID.”

In this episode, we’re talking about the factors that have led to an increase in tired teachers–from COVID to world news to societal expectations. We’re breaking down the common symptoms of “long haul emotional COVID” and why they affect teachers so strongly. Plus, we’re explaining how you can take care of yourself and your students while also working to enact change in your school.

What’s in this episode:

  • The different factors that contribute to teachers feeling tired and overworked
  • How long haul emotional COVID affects teachers and students alike
  • Understanding the misalignment among the needs of teachers, students, and administrators
  • Why so many teachers have left the profession during the COVID pandemic
  • Why self care is only part of the solution for tired, overworked educators
  • How to navigate the emotional long-term effects of the COVID pandemic

For full show notes, resources, links and to download the transcript, visit https://www.trilliummontessori.org/the-tired-teacher/

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Distance Learning in Times of Disaster

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