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(Re-)Arrange your own constellation – September Selfies with Kimberly

OVERFLOW with Kimberly Snider

Sep 7 2023 • 30 mins

It's a new season! Let's re-arrange the stars and create our best life!

There is a quote from Pharrell Williams:  Don’t wait for the stars to be aligned.  REACH UP!  Rearrange them in the way you want.  Create your own constellation.

Let’s pause, slow down, allow our minds to wander. Let's talk about our vision, our manifesto for our best life, today as well as our 10-year self, in 2033!

It’s September Selfies with Kimberly!  Let me (re-)introduce myself, how I hope this podcast helps and inspires and offers space and time to reflect, wonder and possibly wander, unapologetically to your best self.

  • What is your manifesto?

  • What is success, in your professional and personal life?

  • What 2-millimeter adjustment can you make today that will have a big impact on your future self?


  • How can you raise up the value of YOUR OWN SELF CARE today?

…because I believe, and want to remind you, when you take care of yourself, fire up your soul, shift from overdrive and half-empty… you will be OVERFLOWING with energy, honouring your self-care so that you can light up and live one amazing happy life with joy in every moment… and be strong enough to face life’s challenges.

That’s what I call living in OVERFLOW!

Download your brainstorm and inspiration!  Guided Journal pages can be found on the website under OVERFLOW Downloads or check this out:

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