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Decision Mindset

OVERFLOW with Kimberly Snider

Feb 20 2024 • 32 mins

"Living in your OVERflow is not the absence of chaos, rather finding yourself in the midst of that chaos and remaining calm in your heart." Kimberly Snider

How can you make a better decision?

... have you ever made a decision in the heat of the moment? ... maybe you were hungry, hurt or overtired?

Let's create a strategy to make positive, strong and calm decisions, today.

  1. How are you feeling? ... and moreover, how would you like to feel? What can you do to change your mind, shift your energy from negative to positive?
  2. Change your perspective. What advice would you have for your BFF if she came to you with this challenge? and in reverse, what might you say to her? What if the situation and the characters were different, how might this perspective shift change your response?
  3. I am resilient. Repeat after me: I am resilient. YES! ... and how have you overcome obstacles in the past? What strategies have helped you reframe a decision, or better communicate (from a more positive, smart, fun...) point of view?

and lastly... are you watching? listening? ...because the universe is conspiring to guide you, lead you, support your beautiful life. What clues are you noticing? Do you feel the tap on your shoulder? Take time to wonder. Wander into wishful thinking ... and make a decision from here, this strong and calm decision mindset!

OFFER: Live Your Best Life Today: A Journal

If you need a space to journal, capture your dreams and the busy day... I have created a journal, blank, lined pages with inspirational quotes and space to breathe ... JUST FOR YOU! It sells on Amazon... here is the link:

Wouldn't it be wonderful, to re-energize! Refuel! Dare to dream!

Invest in daily journalling. Re-ignite what lights you up and fuels your soul!

...and... I believe, the universe is conspiring to help you, guide and encourage you to choose to live your best life today! ...psst... and I am cheering for you too! This is life in OVERflow.

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