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Calming Meditation Balancing Emotions by Dr. Shelby

OVERFLOW with Kimberly Snider

Jul 10 2023 • 13 mins

You are invited to a calming breathing Balancing Emotions Meditation by Dr. Shelby.

Did you hear last week's episode? Ready for a really AWESOME gift?

How are you today? How are you - REALLY?

Are you charged up with emotion?

Do you need to feel more calm?


You are invited this week, to breathe it in and experience your emotions, under the gentle kindness and expertise of Dr. Shelby on today's Overflow podcast.

Thank you Dr. Shelby and Thank YOU for tuning in and breathing in all the emotions today. Genuinely and respectfully feeling all the emotions... not just the worry, stress, anxiousness.... Here we can sense the calm, peace, happiness too.

I believe when you take good care of yourself, FIRE UP YOUR SOUL, SHIFT FROM OVERDRIVE AND HALF EMPTY TO OVERFLOW, you will have enough energy and you'll be strong enough to face life's challenges and live life in OVERFLOW!

I hope this is living in YOUR OVERFLOW. It is all the emotions and living fully!

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