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Self-Talk. Plain talk. And the Soulful Voice of Lesley Ann Forbes

OVERFLOW with Kimberly Snider

Oct 25 2023 • 52 mins


Are you open to talking about:

  • self-love, believing in yourself,
  • feeling empowered beyond the self-talk
  • accomplishments and evolution.


Currently, Lesley is the Forbes Voiceover CEO and lead VOICE artist with 3 VOICE artists who have joined the team. She is a Corporate Training Consultant, Facilitator/Creator of Voice for the Soul Workshop for youth in the community to learn more about spirituality and self love, Author of Never Perfect Always Blessed and has some new writing projects in progress too! and Congratulations, this past summer Lesley was recognized as one of the first 10 Inductees at Lester B Pearson Hall of Fame (the High School she grew up in.)

...and what's next? Her soon to launch new podcast - Plain Talk No Manners - where there is a space to have open candid conversations, being empowered with our own knowledge and self knowing for what is right for us.

It will provide a space for testimony's of real life stories of an individuals triumphs, solutions and best practices that are relatable to others. She will continue her mission, inspire us, human souls, to know our own power and light that resides within us as opposed to always looking outwardly for the validation.

Today, Lesley passionately shares her growth, wisdom, and is vulnerable about her own journey, which I hope, helps others appreciate the wisdom in the journey, the struggles, life lessons... Listen to her beautiful soulful voice and find inspiration to be authentically your own light.

Lastly, are you listening to the universe and it's nudges? Is the universe tapping you on shoulder or leaving hints in your path ... and...moreover... are you paying attention? It's time to listen closely to the guidance.

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