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Uplift Inspiration Living in Your Overflow

OVERFLOW with Kimberly Snider

Dec 13 2023 • 26 mins

Sharing my experience and vibes after attending the Uplift Business Women's Conference, in Victoria, British Columbia. As well as random inspiration notes and reminders, self-reflection to inspire you to to find your overflow!

Today, sharing my notes and thoughts on the first amazing key note speaker: Jamie Kern Lima - IT Cosmetics Founder, CEO, and Best Selling Author of Believe It... and soon to launch the book "Worthy." She is a mom of two, passionate speaker and active philanthropist.

  1. Could a "set-back" be a "set-up?" and Who needs to hear this today?
  2. Listening to the doubts and one "NO" after another, or listening to your "knowing." Are we pausing to reflect on our inner knowing, guidance, intuition? Am I?
  3. Are you lighting up? or dimming your light? How are you hiding in plain sight?

Sharing my reflections as we start thinking about the new year... and how can you and I live and fill up, breathing in the oxygen of a vibrant life?

GIFT: For all the busy leaders, who know they need to pause and reflect, think strategically.... so they can move forward... I have created an audio guide, free. Find the link below or send me a message. Here to help!

…because I believe, when you take care of yourself, fire up your soul, shift from overdrive and half-empty… you will be OVERFLOWING with energy, honouring your self-care so that you can light up and live one amazing happy life with joy in every moment… and be strong enough to face life’s challenges.

That’s what I call living in OVERFLOW!


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