Redfin’s Unique Insights Into the Housing Market

Top of Mind

Mar 29 2023 • 59 mins

In this episode of the Top of Mind podcast, Mike Simonsen sits down with Taylor Marr, deputy chief economist at Redfin, to talk about the big trends shaping today’s housing market. Taylor shares some unique (and surprising) insights from Redfin data, talks about where he sees mortgage rates and home prices going this year, and busts some common myths about housing affordability. He also tells us why uncertainty is the biggest risk this year rather than recession or inflation. Featuring Mike Simonsen, President of Altos Research A true data geek, Mike founded Altos Research in 2006 to bring data and insight on the U.S. housing market to those who need it most. The company now serves the largest Wall Street investment firms, banks, and tens of thousands of real estate professionals around the country. Mike's insights on the market have been featured in Forbes, New York Times, Bloomberg, Dallas Morning News, Seattle PI, and many other national media outlets. About Taylor Marr Taylor Marr is the deputy chief economist on the research team at Redfin. He is passionate about housing and urban policy and an advocate for increased mobility and affordability. He laid the framework for Redfin’s migration data and reports and diligently tracks the housing market and economy. Before Redfin, Taylor built financial market index funds for Vanguard at the University of Chicago. Taylor went to graduate school for international economics in Berlin, where he focused on behavioral causes of the global housing bubble and subsequent policy responses. Taylor’s research has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and The Economist. He was also recently the President of the Seattle Economics Council and collaborates frequently with the Fed, HUD, and the Census Bureau. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:  The biggest housing market trends coming out of the pandemic Which unique insights we can get from Redfin user and agent data Where he sees mortgage rates this year and the threshold for consumers to buy What’s happening with affordability, and what the media gets wrong about it How to look at price reductions as a predictive tool Where Redfin sees home prices going in 2023 Why uncertainty is the biggest risk this year rather than recession or inflation Resources mentioned in this episode: Taylor Marr on LinkedIn Redfin Mike Simonsen on LinkedIn Altos Research Follow us on Twitter for more data analysis and insights: