Real Estate Agents That Stand Out

Top of Mind

Dec 20 2021 • 45 mins

Mark Johnson is the CEO of JPAR Real Estate. JPAR is a fast-growing, full-service, transaction-based real estate brokerage based in Texas with offices throughout the country. Mark has invested decades into understanding the inner workings of high-performing real estate companies, managers, teams, and agents. He is also the Host of Success Superstars, a weekly show that highlights the blueprint of real estate agent success, and he is the Co-founder of CoRecruit.

In this episode…

The last year has seen real estate prices skyrocket and the inventory of homes diminish. The competition for buying and selling houses has never been more challenging. In this atmosphere, how can you stand out as a real estate agent?

Superior Customer Service. People can spot a salesperson a mile away. They want a genuine opinion on whether or not a home will fit their lifestyle. They need a real estate agent who isn’t afraid to say, “This isn’t the home for you, let’s keep looking,” or “Don’t sell yet. We can get you money.” Folks today want a real estate agent with hyper-local expertise who sincerely cares about their future home — otherwise, they’ll walk their feet and dollars to somebody else.

In this episode of the Top of Mind Podcast, Mike Simonsen is joined by Mark Johnson, CEO of JPAR Real Estate, to discuss how to find success in today's tough real estate landscape. Mark explains why a live local agent is superior to any technology, top tips for becoming a superstar real estate agent, and how the pandemic has changed the industry.