Why Experience Matters in Real Estate

Top of Mind

Jan 19 2022 • 52 mins

Buying a house can be challenging. Sometimes people try to find help from friends. But what’s the difference between hiring a well-meaning friend versus a professional?

In this episode of the Top of Mind podcast, Mike Simonsen is joined by Becky Babcock and Brad Nix, Co-founders of Path & Post Real Estate, to discuss why hiring a professional makes all the difference in your real estate journey. They talk about the core values at Path & Post, share advice for buying and selling in today’s market, and discuss predictions for the future of the real estate market.

About Becky Babcock and Brad Nix

Becky Babcock is the CEO, Founder, and Co-owner of the Path & Post Real Estate team brokerage. Becky is passionate about sharing her vision, challenging the status quo, and helping team members achieve success. She focuses on understanding each client's unique life transition to create a memorable experience for clients and meaningful work for team members. Becky is also the author of How to Sell Houses without Selling Your Soul.

Brad Nix is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Path & Post Real Estate team brokerage, where he oversees the operations of 26 team members. Under Brad’s leadership, Path & Post has received over 800 five-star reviews from satisfied clients and sold over 2,400 homes. Throughout his career, Brad has been consistently recognized by the real estate community for delivering exceptional experiences for both his agents and consumers.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Becky Babcock explains what sets Path & Post Real Estate apart from other real estate brokerages
  • Brad Nix describes the difference between a professional and an amateur
  • How does Path & Post reach new customers?
  • Path & Post’s company values: RUG
  • Questions to ask to determine if you’re ready to buy a home
  • Advice for buyers and sellers in today’s market
  • Where is the market headed over the next 10-20 years?
  • Surprising real estate trends in the last 24 months
  • Becky and Brad’s vision for the future of Path & Post

Featuring Mike Simonsen, CEO of Altos Research

A true data geek, Mike founded Altos Research in 2006 to bring data and insight on the U.S. housing market to those who need it most. The company now serves the largest Wall Street investment firms, banks, and tens of thousands of real estate professionals around the country. Mike's insights on the market have been featured in Forbes, New York Times, Bloomberg, Dallas Morning News, Seattle PI, and many other national media outlets.

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