Awaken to Wellness™ with Angie: The Bridge from Addiction to Restoration

Angela Taylor

Are you or someone in your family struggling with addiction? Have you turned your back on addicted loved ones? This show will change your perspective on addiction and provide awareness of the truth about what addiction really is so you can explore choices and results based on new insights. Angie wants you to know addiction does not define a person! Addiction is a disease, not a moral failure and there is hope for an addict to achieve long-lasting positive life changes - as well as their families. A life of sobriety can be achieved! Awaken To Wellness™ is a mechanism of hope and a voice of grace. Support and love play a critical role in the life of an addict or a person in recovery. On this show you will learn how to offer healthy support to those in recovery so they can continue in their life of sobriety, you will learn to recognize those who need treatment, and for those who need help and how to reach out! Addiction is another silent pandemic that is destroying and claiming the lives of people now more than ever. Stop judging the addict and those in recovery and start loving them, supporting them, and having compassion for them! Angie wants you to join her in the fight against addiction! “Wake up and let us all do something!!!!” read less
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