8. The 9 Human Design Centers Part 2

That Projector Life

Nov 28 2018 • 55 mins

It's time to cover the last 4 centers in our journey through the Human Design BodyGraph.

If you didn't listen to part 1, go back and do so (it's episode 7 - the one right before this one). We have some heavy hitters in this episode (sacral center, anyone?), so listen closely.

The centers we cover in this episode are

- Spleen

- Sacral center

- Root center

- Solar Plexus

For each center, I'll discuss

- Themes + energy

- What it means to be open or defined

- How a center's definition impacts you on a daily basis

- Energy dynamics between people

Check out the complete show notes: https://www.thatprojectorguide.com/tpl008/

NOTE: I've updated the show notes since this episode first went live. So if you don't see the links that I mentioned in the episode, that's why. Check out the link above to see the complete show notes (with all the correct links). Also, some of the resources that I mentioned in the episode may not be available anymore because they became unaligned with me + That Projector Guide.