School of Miracles

Heather Scavetta, R.N.

Learn how to open your spiritual gifts and communicate with your loved ones and spirit guides. Everyone has these abilities, as we are spirit first. It is our birthright to awaken to the invisible world, and meditation can be the foundation for this opening to happen. As we learn to quiet the body and mind, we in turn quiet the physical world and allow ourselves to hear messages from the invisible world, consisting of all our loved ones who have passed, spirit guides, animal guides, Masters, angels, and all higher beings of light. When we learn to access it for ourselves, the guidance from our spirit team offers powerful healing. Experience the love and knowledge that is there for you in an intimate way, and realize firsthand that your loved ones do not die but are still present in your life. Become your own medium by learning to see, hear, and feel your loved ones. read less