Grandpa Burns Down His Fort - Childhood Story

Grandpa Hill's True Stories

May 4 2023 • 9 mins

In the winter of 1968 Grandpa Don and his friend Bill Lecuru in Rochester Michigan built a fort of sticks and newspaper in the woods near Bill’s house.  Grandpa was 14 and the fort was not warm enough for the two boys to stay warm so a very small fire was needed, inside of the fort.  Like a teepee.

Don was not thinking about how strong the draft would be.  Shortly after they were starting to get heat off the fire sparks went up and lit the newspaper on the inside of the fort.  Within a couple of seconds it was clear that they had to get out of the fort, through the fire.  A few seconds after the boys scramble out the entire fort is a roaring blaze.

Gorf and Marshmallow discuss how serious, and dangerous and dumb and stupid it was to have a fire inside of a small fort constructed of sticks and paper.  They review how there are lots of ways we can learn to do things right.  One way is to make mistakes and learn not to repeat the mistake in the future.  Another way is to listen to other peoples stories, and learn from their success and their mistakes.

Grandpa Hill hope’s you listen and share Grandpa Hill’s True Stories with your friends and family. Then sit back, think about the story, talk about it, share your own stories, then laugh, and live!