The Healing Power of a Grape Leaf

Grandpa Hill's True Stories

Mar 6 2023 • 10 mins

Grandpa is taking his daughter Amy across the fields of western Wisconsin in 1990.  The two of them had come out of the woods away from the rest of the group. The Romo’s children, and their mom, Mrs Teresa Romo and Don and his four children had spent the late morning hours foraging for medicinal herbs and wild foods.

They had experienced seeing baby raccoons in an old tree stump. They had gotten a few mosquito bites and now the push was to get back to the farm house. Little did they know that off of the beaten path there would be an old fence line and there would be bees! Bumblebees!

As they were crossing the last fence line, Amy disturbs a modest nest of bumblebees. She gets stung and immediately starts to swell. Donald knows that their visit with the Romo’s would now get cut short with a trip to the emergency room. Amy has many allergies and bee stings is one of them.

When they get to the farm house her hand is quite swollen. As Don and Mary Lee start to fuss,  there is no alarm from Teresa. She pulls out a wild grape leaf from her bag we had filled that morning. She places it in shallow water in a frying pan on the stove. The leaf becomes soft and thick. Teresa proceeds to wrap Amy’s badly swollen hand in the grape leaf and we proceeded to fix lunch.

Before Amy sits down to her lunch, the swelling is completely gone. What Benadryl couldn’t do in an hour, the grape leaf had done in just minutes.  Grandpa learned the healing powers of a grape leaf. He also learned a lesson about knowledge, being curious, and the importance of sharing what you know with others.

Gorf and Marshmallow also marvel at the power of a grape leaf and how smart, resourceful and wise, Mrs Romo is.  Semloh takes the opportunity to teach Gorf and Marshmallow a relevant lesson about knowledge and learning.

How did Mrs. Romo know of the power of a grape leaf and the value of dozens of other plants that grew in her own “back yard”?

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