Grandpa Sees an Angel - Faith and Family Story

Grandpa Hill's True Stories

Apr 22 2023 • 10 mins

In 1988 Grandpa Hill (Don) and his family were at a parish mission in Burnsville Minnesota.  Just before the priest called on Don to come up front for a demonstration about faith and trust, an angel came and sat down next to Grandpa.

Grandpa really doesn’t know what angels are.  He calls what he saw an angel because it seemed friendly, calm, and all energy.   Whatever it was that evening he first sensed it’s approach, saw it for a second or two and then responded to the priest.  As Don left the pew to ‘volunteer’ for the demonstration in front of what seemed like over a thousand people, the angel was gone!

Don describes the faith moment, his demonstration of the concept of trust, and, how interesting it was for one time in his life to sense and see some sort of being that he truly thinks was an angel, sitting with him.  Either Don had the wildest imagination in the world, or he really saw something, or both!

In any case, please know that Grandpa Hill’s Stories are True Stories, as true as he can remember them.  This encounter with this ‘angel’ truly happened to him.  It was definitely a faith moment, and, has always been an inspiration to him when he is being reluctant or hesitant to do what he really thinks God would like him to do.

Please enjoy and please share this story and this podcast.  It really means a lot to Grandpa Hill to share and teach to entertain and to make it easier for others to think laugh and live regardless of the troubles of the day or times we live in. Use the stories to remember and share your own stories of when you grew up or you learned something true. What you do matters, it matters to the whole world.

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