Grandpa Leaves His Body - Faith and Family Story

Grandpa Hill's True Stories

Apr 25 2023 • 8 mins

Grandpa left his body in 2003. He was 46 years old living in Iselin PA.  While on the operating table sedated as a surgery was being performed, he got the privilege of watching the Doctor examine the tumor he had just removed.

As Grandpa Hill tells this story to his grandchildren, they have just as much trouble trying to understand Grandpa’s story as Grandpa did 20 years ago when he first realized he had left his body.  Grandpa believes that this was a bit of first hand evidence that he is more than just his body and his brain. He always believed he had a soul but didn’t really know what it was. This out-of-body, experience was proof to him that he was more than flesh and bones.

Please enjoy the story, think about it, and go about laughing and living your life.   Share this story and of course tell your own stories to your children, your grandchildren, and all children.   Shalom.