Grandpa Learns to Maneuver His 401K's

Grandpa Hill's True Stories

Mar 24 2023 • 25 mins

Grandpa Learns to Maneuver His 401K – A Slightly Wiser Story

The “God Send” in this story is Paul Hamacher.  He is the CEO of Spire Stocks  Grandpa  tells his story and how just as he was retiring he meets Paul and they hit it off well.  Next thing you know and Grandpa is maneuvering his 401K.  Getting out of the market when it is going down, and, into the market when it is going up.  It sounds simple and it is!

Years ago when Grandpa first started 401K’s they were more difficult to access and change.  As they became easier to change the investments, he didn’t keep up with the times and did nothing with his 401K and Roth IRA accounts.  Grandpa started out a do-nothing investor in the 80’s and 90’s and remained a do nothing investor until October of 2022.

In 2022, Grandpa and Grandma got a tour of the Borremeo Center by Sister Maria Karol. On the tour they swap stories.  Sr. Maria Karol, tells of her family, her dad and her vocation story.  Grandpa shares "Grandpa Hill’s True Stories" told live to Sister Maria Karol, the stories  are about himself, and his family and his love of math.

The next thing you know Grandpa is meeting Sister Maria Karol’s Dad, Paul Hamacher. Soon after that Grandpa and his son Michael soon learn the value of and how to maneuver their retirement savings using Spire Stocks Market Sentiment Indicator as a guide.

To help others get started in the process of maneuvering their 401Ks, Paul has extended an offer of discount subscriptions to Spire Stocks.  Those discounted subscriptions are offered to anyone that tells Paul (Spire Stocks) that Grandpa Hill sent them.

Just go to, sign up for a free one week membership and then notify spire stocks at  Spire Stocks will get in touch with you and perhaps you too will learn and decide like I did to maneuver your retirement savings in the stock market using Spire Stocks.  Maybe you will start long before you retire,  I wish I had.