Love Hurts No. 3, Grandma Kicks Grandpa - Faith and Family Story

Grandpa Hill's True Stories

Mar 30 2023 • 10 mins

In January of 2015 on a cold morning in Iselin Pennsylvania Grandpa Hill (Don) decides to tease and surprise his wife Mary Lee.   After she gets startled and chilled she retaliates.

Don felt he deserved to receive the kick that Mary wanted to give him.  Presenting himself for the kick, he cautioned Mary that it would hurt her more than him.  This turns out was a major understatement.  Don got the kick of his life!  Mary got a lot of pain.  She had kicked a wrench in Don’s pocket! There was explaining, comforting, apologies, and forgiveness to be given and received.

Since the Kick-the-Wrench incident, Grandpa has been much more careful and kind in the teasing and startling of Grandma. No similar incidents have occurred since 2015, at least not any that Grandpa can remember.

The grandchildren in the audience Joe, Catherine, and Lizzie and their parents briefly discuss the moral of the story.

Please share Grandpa Hill’s True Stories, widely.  I think they help us in the effort to Think about our situations,  act as we are able, then Laugh a lot, and Live life abundantly.  Grandpa Hill, of Grandpa Hill's True Stories. Also check out the website where all the stories are there for your pleasure