Real Road Rash and Honey - Health Story

Grandpa Hill's True Stories

Apr 12 2023 • 14 mins

In this episode Grandpa Hill tells how he finally got real road rash!   When he was a small boy with bare skin sliding in the gravel (listen to Pebbles and Blood, Episode 1) he thought he had road rash.  This time he really had road rash!.... and some broken bones,  and the healing balm of raw honey applied to his wounds by his wife Mary Lee.  This story is both a health (and safety) story as well as a slightly wiser story.

Don had baking to do and batteries to buy.  In his haste he ended up hitting the pavement at forty five miles per hour, breaking his shoulder blade, rib, and collar bone, and ripping up his skin.  Don is so grateful for his helmet,  he probably would be dead without it.  Don learned by experience and later in riding class to always check out his motorcycle no matter how short the ride was going to be.  He failed to do a check the day of the wreck.  He failed in his haste to put up his kickstand!

When Mary got home, and saw the terrible road rash wound on his left shoulder.  ‘Hospital protocol be dammed’ she proceeded to thoroughly clean the wound and then applied raw honey and in six days completely healed his shoulder wound.

Grandpa Hill would like all motorcyclists to be purposeful in their rides, take appropriate caution and have a fun time.  If something goes wrong and you do get road rash consider raw honey.  It worked for Grandpa Hill and it may work for you to.  Shalom.