A Boy and His Dog Jack

Grandpa Hill's True Stories

May 17 2023 • 7 mins

Andrew really wanted to be in 4H and show a dog.  Rebecca his sister had a dog, and, she was in the show.  He had two huge obstacles to overcome.  First he was too young to enter the show at the Indiana County Fair.  Second he did not have a dog!

Determined, he got the best dog he could get from his sister Amy.  His name was Jack, the last of the Jack’s.

Andrew’s persistence, was endearing.  He won over a lot of the 4H leaders and organizers.   In a class of his own, Andrew and his dog Jack, were registered, and, entered the show.  They won blue ribbons!

For Andrew’s Dad, Rebecca, and Andrew it was one of the best days at the Indiana County Fair that ever was.