A Helles Lager, Two Smoothie Sours, & An Imperial Stout With Adjuncts | Episode 79

ThePodCraft Beer Show

Feb 21 2022 • 30 mins

In Episode 79, Chris, Charlie, and Steve deep dive into four craft beers: [1] “Chrispy Boi” (Helles Lager) from The Original 40 Brewing Company (San Diego, CA); [2] “A Visit from the Fruit Lady: Strawberry Banana” (Smoothie Sour) from Wiley Roots Brewing Company (Greeley, CO); [3] “Hydra | Spill” (Smoothie Sour) from Mortalis Brewing Company (Avon, NY) in collaboration with Urban South Brewery (Houston, TX); & [4] “Muffinberry Monstah” (Imperial Stout with Blueberry, Cinnamon, & Graham Cracker) from Wiley Roots. Full show notes, links, & photos at: www.thepodcraft.com.