Armstrong & Getty On Demand


The official, On-Demand podcast of The Armstrong & Getty Show!  Accept no substitutes!

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Our Editor's Take

The Armstrong & Getty On Demand podcast is for listeners with libertarian political views. The hosts of the show are Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty. Armstrong follows the news obsessively. He lives on a farm in California with his two sons and several animals. Getty grew up in Chicago and now lives in the countryside as an empty nester with his wife. This dynamic duo leads the show with the premise that it's possible to stay informed without becoming angry.

Each edition of Armstrong & Getty On Demand shares daily news updates. The hosts talk about everything from small-town murders to the latest from Ukraine. Armstrong and Getty share news updates in quick and thoughtful reports. This snappy format gives them time for random rants and listener questions.

Aside from the all-important news, Armstrong and Getty also ensure that there is plenty of humor in the show. Together they discuss a whole host of random topics. Why has Thanksgiving become a competition to see who can eat an entire pie without throwing up? Is society witnessing the death of the family dinner? Guests lend their perspectives to these questions and more. They include officeholders, reporters, and even Friends star Matthew Perry.

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