Cooling the Flames of Burnout with Gabrielle Juliano-Villani

Life on Repeat: A Dementia Caregiver Podcast

Jul 18 2022 • 33 mins

Caregivers are likely all too familiar with the reality of burnout. In this episode, Gabrielle Juliano-Villani discusses how to pay attention to signs such as feeling as if every day is a bad day, feeling numb or apathetic and living with a sense of isolation (even when you're with others). We discuss the importance of connection and appreciation- and you'll love her metaphor of glass/plastic balls!

You'll hear us discuss:

  • The differences between stress and burnout
  • How to recognize burnout in yourself (we are often the last to notice!)
  • Tools and tips to ease burnout

Gabrielle Juliano-Villani is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Consultant and founder of GJV Consulting and Training. Her focus is on consulting and training with other professionals on how to work with clients who struggle with chronic pain and chronic illness. She specializes in burnout prevention, training other professionals and companies on how to manage burnout in the workplace and create a culture that encourages employees to thrive.

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I host a weekly podcast where I interview dementia specialists and other professionals to help caregivers feel educated, supported, and empowered.

We talk about a variety of topics including how to live your best life as a caregiver, how to work with challenges that may arise, and how to gain knowledge so you can be your own best advocate.

You can also find it by searching “Life on Repeat” on any podcast app (eg: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc) or simply saying "Alexa, listen to Life on Repeat Podcast” on your Apple device.

Or simply go to the link below for ease =).

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