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Three Little Words

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New episodes come out every Friday exclusively on Amazon Music for Prime and Unlimited customers. Which words matter most to you? Which make you smile? Which do you hope never to hear again? Every week on Three Little Words, comedian John Bishop and actor Tony Pitts invite their celebrity guests to bring them the three words that mean most to them - and the one they would rather forget.

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Our Editor's Take

Three Little Words is a podcast about a love of language. It is also a way of discovering much more about a person.

The Three Little Words hosts are British comedian John Bishop and actor Tony Pitts. They started the series in 2020. The hosts ask different guests about the three words that mean the most to them. Each interview also ends with one word they wish they could forget. It's incredible how much more someone will share when they have to choose only a few words.

From the first episode, the Three Little Words series promises inspiration and entertainment. Most of the guests are British, but this show's appeal is universal. Presenters Gabby Logan and Richard Bacon have made appearances. Musicians Robbie Williams and Corinne Bailey Rae have also been on the show. Each guest receives a friendly introduction before revealing their chosen three words. The show examines each word, from the term's etymology to possible definitions. Cohost Pitts also shares a quote about each word to start the conversation.

One memorable Three Little Words episode featured standup comedian Jason Manford. Listeners will discover why one of his words became even more important to him during the pandemic and how it's changed over the years. Another guest known for hosting his own interviews is presenter Jools Holland. He explains his excitement about joining the podcast for a fun chat. And that sums up the tone and style of each episode; it's like listening to a conversation between friends.

Listeners will also discover why Rob Brydon would rather forget about the word '"fear." He discusses this word in the current context of society and culture, as well as for himself. A guest known for his mastery of language is Russell Brand. Which three little words will he choose? Guest Eddie Izzard also discusses language through the eyes of her dyslexia. She discusses the meaning of the word "humanity" and how we're fortunate to be here. This podcast shows how three simple words can reveal so much about a person. With new episodes dropping each week, there's a significant archive to enjoy.

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