A Journey into the Ambiguous Unknown – Bring It On!

Let's Talk About CEX! The Customer and Employee Experience

Jan 10 2023 • 32 mins

As consultants how many of us have been contracted to come in and solve one problem, when the real issue was covered up by an “ambiguous and complex situation.” Justin Zalewski and Studio Science thrive on those challenges and come out victorious every time. Be ready to take notes – and smile a lot.  He covers it all, IT, overburdened, understaffed teams, etc.

In this spirited conversation, Justin Z (and his great voice) humbly share stories where their deep knowledge, agility, and not-quitting-until-they-got-the-right-answer-and-then-solved-it boldness were the most rewarding jobs for them.  Of course, their clients were thrilled too.  Still, when listening to Justin and his enthusiasm and wisdom about the connection between employees and Customer Experience and the executives, you know this man is on a mission to free all organizations from the old hierarchical way of doing things that barely get companies by.

Connect with Justin:
Personal website: https://justinzalewski.com
Studio Science website: https://studioscience.com
LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinzalewski//