Little things DO mean a lot in CX & EX. No, really!

Let's Talk About CEX! The Customer and Employee Experience

Feb 22 2022 • 40 mins

DISCLAIMER: I’m eager for you to hear this content-rich interview with John Goodman.  This was my first taped interview and my sound quality is not up to par. John sounds great. Mine does get better, so stay in there, and thank you for understanding.
#004 Get your pen and paper ready and be prepared to be delighted by John Goodman and Customer Care Measurement & Consulting’s research on Customer Delight. For over 40 years John has been measuring customer satisfaction and customer experience (#CX), and even he was amazed by some of the numbers and results.  Did you know that customers and guests can be delighted by digital communication?  We all know the power of the words we choose in an email – the same is true with chatbots and business correspondences. That’s just one of the many surprises and dozens of stats we look at in this episode.  John’s can be reached at And to receive a copy of the in-depth article on Customer Delight