Episode 83: Meeting the Need for Modest Activewear

To (Mom) Life

Mar 9 2022 • 40 mins

In this week’s episode, Jodi chats with Aja Cohen who is the owner of Transcendent Active. As she developed her own career, Aja found her passion: designing modest activewear for mothers like her. In this podcast, Aja discusses her experiences balancing motherhood, owning a business, and giving back to her community. Aja also speaks about the importance of maintaining one’s own hobbies in order to feed their own self needs.

About Our Guest:
Aja Cohen is the founder of a modest activewear line. Through her experience as a yoga teacher and a lifetime athlete, she designs from a place of passion and shared values. Her work represents a fusion of her personal and professional pursuits. She embodies the active lifestyle.

Show Notes:
5:45 Aja’s experience finding her Passion and starting a small business
“Sometimes (with my old job) I’d say ‘well this is good, and at least I have an income…’ and that’s good to do, but I also need to be a little realistic sometimes and tell myself ‘this sucks and I don’t wanna do this.’ ”

14:35 Giving Back to Your Community
“I had just planned a hiking trip and on that trip I realized ‘oh my gosh, I’m gonna design modest activewear!’ I had designed activewear for my whole career anyway, and then I thought ‘what about activewear skirts and all these other things?’ ”

25:32 Getting in Touch With Oneself
“Hobbies are important. As easy as it is to keep going with the status quo, with the cooking and cleaning and mom life, having an outlet is actually so important.”

29:42 Getting Involved In Your Community
“With events and meeting new people, it brings a different type of experience and value to Transcendent Active and to you (Aja) on a personal level.”

33:41 Concluding Thoughts
“What’s so great about my brand is I get to put all of the things I’ve always loved like design, sustainability, community, travel, and movement, all of these things into one career. It’s really such a blessing.”

Connect with Aja:

Email: aja@transcendentactive.com

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Host: Jodi Fried
Guest: Aja Cohen
Editor: Gabrielle Topping & Iris Nelson