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Baby, This is Keke Palmer


Keke Palmer has questions for days, about everything under the sun. From the existential to the inconsequential. From pop culture to pop science. From the meaning of life to the meaning of W.A.P. From life in outer space to “Where the eff is Tom from MySpace?“ And everything in between. Because Baby, this is Keke Palmer, and she is here for All. Of. It.

Each week, the multi-talented Keke is taking you on a journey down the rabbit hole on a topic that she cannot stop obsessing over. She’ll also get deep with special guests, trying to answer the questions that keep us up at night. We are getting INTO IT.

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Our Editor's Take

The Baby, This is Keke Palmer podcast answers questions many wonder about. The star of Nope and Akeelah and the Bee host Keke Palmer is naturally curious. She has tried singing, songwriting, acting, hosting, and producing. She excelled at each. Palmer holds five NAACP Awards and an Emmy Award. with this podcast, she's turning her curiosity into a public conversation.

Palmer begins Baby, This is Keke Palmer by saying, “Dear diary.” Then she reveals questions she's fixated on at the moment. Experts, celebs, friends, and relatives join her. Topics range from TikTok to asexuality, and her questions have surprising answers. Even her podcast title has a surprising origin, involving a high school photo and the Metra train.

Kenan Thompson of Saturday Night Live joins Palmer to chat about childhood in the spotlight. Thompson blames a late growth spurt for shifting him from sports to the arts. But as the most tenured cast member at SNL, it's clear Thompson is where he should be. In another episode, Palmer asks her parents what she should be if she weren't an entertainer. Her mom suggests a lawyer. Palmer bemoans law in such a theatrical way that it's obvious she's in the right industry.

Relationships intrigue Palmer. She talks with boyfriend Darius Jackson about her growing baby bump, baby shower, and whether their baby will be an Aries or Pisces. Activist Yasmin Benoit joins Baby, This is Keke Palmer to dispel asexuality myths. Benoit notes the fine line between sexual liberation and sexual exploitation. With another guest, Palmer discusses anal sex and why some deny interest in it. Palmer's interviews are provocative yet respectful. Listeners may love her for voicing the questions they're hesitant to ask.

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