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True Thirty, with Joey Dumont is a podcast that discusses and debates our society's most politically compelling topics through the lens of slow journalism. Each show is investigated with a focus on narrative as well as discovery. We believe that the complexity of culture cannot be crammed into six-minute television segments, or snippets and memes on social media, where ideology and entertainment is now the priority. On the program, you’ll hear the opinions of subject matter experts who'll explore the tangled topics of our day. Our collective goal is to help people better understand one another, not win a battle. After listening, you'll be reminded that a proper debate is not about victory, but that of inquiry, education, and viewpoint diversity. So tune in and talk amongst yourselves. You may even learn a thing or two.


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How To Talk Trans
2d ago
1 hr 32 mins
How To Talk Trans
Over the past six months, I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching trans ideology and the historical roles of gender in today’s changing world. In today’s episode, my guest is a friend and former colleague, Bee Davis. We worked together over 17 years ago in the world of advertising, and had not talked to each other since 2006. And one day on Facebook, I saw an announcement on her Feed that she was now identifying as trans (she formally identified as male), and immediately reached out to her on DM and asked her to join me on the program. Thankfully, she accepted.During our chat, we discussed some of the most controversial aspects of trans ideology and gender dysphoria. We talked about Bee’s transition, her divorce, and the severe mental trauma that followed – including her attempted suicide and eventual healing. We then debated the topic of children on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, trans females competing against natal females in sports, the historic role and purpose of the word gender, and how best to explore the idea of gender fluidity as a collective culture.Bee and I didn't agree on everything, but we thoroughly enjoyed each other's company and both felt lucky to be back in touch. I hope you learned as much as I did and welcome any and all questions.Watch Episode:In This Episode: Gender FluidityTrans IdeologyCompetitive sportsGender rolesBreakdown of mental health careSuicide ideationLGTBQ CommunitySocietal Views on Sexual OrientationsGender DysphoriaTransitioningGender ExpressionPuberty Blockers and Cross-X HormonesChildren transitioning Get full access to True Thirty at truethirty.substack.com/subscribe
2d ago
1 hr 32 mins
Good Cop, Better CopCan Nonprofit News Save Our Democracy?Is Ben Shapiro the Most Powerful Man in News Media?
This week, my guests include Jim Meskauskas and Kevin Hicks, two old media buddies from New York City. During the show, we analyze the media metrics of Ben Shapiro’s growing media empire, the far left’s fascination with antiracism, and how the confluence of these two movements will hand the House and the Senate to the GOP in the November midterms.I hope you enjoy the show! In This Episode: Ben ShapiroDemocrat’s demise in 2022Liberal news mediaBatya Ungar-Sargon’s new book, Bad NewsJohn McWhorter’s new book, Woke Racism“All white people are racist”Why the far left is now a religionNeo-Marxism, Post-modernizationCritical Race TheoryGOPIntersectionalityRobin DiAngeloDiversity in MarketingGuest Biographies: Jim Meskauskas has over twenty-five years experience in both traditional and digital advertising, strategy, media planning, buying, analytics and measurement. He is co-founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Media Darwin, a boutique-consulting firm devoted to practicing those disciplines as well as evaluating and recommending resources and integrations — technology, data and analytics, talent structure — used for accomplishing them. He’s also a “mediologist”; What’s a mediologist? Someone who examines the uses of technology and human symbolic activity as a means of cultural transmission -- specifically but not exclusively -- through electronic media with the goal of understanding the impact on society. This includes the impact on business, political, and social activity. His likes are Star Wars merchandise, B-horror films, southeast Asian cuisine, and medieval cookery.His dislikes are people who read while walking, the use of the word “utilize” when “use” will do, pineapple on pizza, and TikTok.He studied literature and philosophy at UC Berkeley and read literature and history of science at Merton College, Oxford. He lives in New York City with his wife and their three rescue cats. None of them likes his medieval cooking.Kevin Hicks has over 40 years of print/digital media sales and sales management experience. Starting at a local Seattle newspaper in their classified advertising department (“Lost dog, black lab with one ear, blind in one eye, 3 legs, cut off tail – goes by the name of Lucky“), next starting a local free-distribution TV guide in the Puget Sound (back when there were only 12 channels), to mail-order computer catalog company (Multiple Zones), a stint in LA at Petersen Publishing, then into the digital space in 1999 – Go2Net, WhitePages.com, Hollywood Media, etc. Recently founder of Savio Media – an OOH agency specializing in “In-Hand” advertising. Personal likes/interests are cooking, sailing and more recently, rock-n-roll stardom playing guitar in a band in New York (to an audience of 3 or so). Currently living in NYC (Upper West Side), I would be more than happy to taste Jim’s medieval cooking – regardless of what his cats think. Get full access to True Thirty at truethirty.substack.com/subscribe
Feb 11 2022
2 hrs 20 mins
Dr. Jordan Peterson, Dave Chappelle, Our Transgender Community, and the Wisdom of Youth
Dec 29 2021
1 hr 28 mins
Critical Race Theory Part 2: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Robin DiAngelo's book, White Fragility
This week's episode is with Acacia Croft, a long-time close friend and a highly educated person who kept me on my toes in this episode as we continued discussing around the Critical Race Theory, what’s working and what’s not working in our societal approach in education, the plight of black people, the white man narrative, and downside effects of Robin DiAngelo’s campaign. This is by far my favorite interview and I know you’ll walk away with a lot to think about as I did.In This Episode:Critical Race Theory in the ZeitgeistContinued talking points from Dax Devlon-RossEducating the publicWhite Man NarrativeIntersectionalityPolarization of our societyRobin DiAngeloAnti Racist PlatformDiversity, Equity and InclusionMedia’s continued role in today’s narrativeAcacia Croft is a veteran educator serving schools and communities for over 15 years in both public and American international schools overseas.  She started her career in public service as the executive secretary for State Representative Albert J. Price Sr. in the Austin office assisting the constituency of District 22 in Jefferson County.  Upon graduating from the University of Texas at Austin she joined Peace Corp and became a volunteer in Honduras, CA. She extended her service as a Peace Corps volunteer coordinator in Tegucigalpa working closely with the Secretary of Education.  During her time in the Peace Corps she supported local government and facilitated municipal initiatives focusing on civics education, health, community development and social responsibility. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.Upon returning from her Peace Corps service she embarked upon a career as a LOTE middle school teacher in Title 1 schools.  She served in various public schools in Texas and was chosen to participate in a teacher exchange program with the American International School in Lagos, Nigeria.  She taught in Nigeria for a total of 6 years where she began her Masters in Counseling but fell short by one semester due to the Ebola epidemic.  During the 2014 Ebola epidemic she was among the core group of expat teachers to transition the school to a virtual platform.  Returning stateside in 2017, she returned to the classroom at the high school level and was then recruited to lead Census outreach and partnerships for k-12 organizations in the greater Houston area.As senior partnership specialist Acacia is able to identify, cultivate, develop partnerships and strategic alliances with school districts, campuses, social service agencies, municipalities, businesses and other community stakeholders to conduct Census outreach and education.  She coached a team of 8 partnership specialists to educate, initiate and collaborate with community members and leaders   Acacia was responsible for the strategic development of outreach in the EC-12 community during the Census, post onset of Covid 19 pandemic, and post Census.  She executed and cultivated both external partnerships with the community as well as internal partnerships with operations and other regions.  She coordinated regional summits, collaborated with leadership and HQ initiatives as well as established innovative tactics in order to embed and corroborate the need for Census awareness and education. Get full access to True Thirty at truethirty.substack.com/subscribe
Dec 1 2021
1 hr 58 mins
Are Ideologies Dangerous?
This week's episode is with Tom Morris, my friend and favorite philosopher. During our chat, we explored the origin of ideologies, their importance, their dangers, and how we as a culture need to better understand what they are doing to us. We talked about Gilgamesh, Tolstoy, Aristotle, and Kung Fu on a New York City subway. Oh, and we came up with a few ideas on how we can all start to get along a bit better. I hope you enjoy his wisdom as much as I did.In This Episode:Ideology and its rootAndy Norman and religionEducating the publicDemocracy todaySafe SpacesCritical Race Theory & Robin DeAngeloTribalismPhilosophers of todayMedia’s continued role in today’s narrative Dr. Tom Morris, is a native of North Carolina, a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, where he was a Morehead-Cain Scholar, and the recipient of a double PhD from Yale University. He has gone from being the most popular professor at The University of Notre Dame, where he taught for 15 years, to now serving as the world's most active public philosopher, authoring over 30 books, including national business bestsellers, while bringing the wisdom of the ages to many of the biggest and most successful companies in the world in over 1,200 public talks. He’s the author of books like True Success, If Aristotle Ran General Motors, Philosophy for Dummies, If Harry Potter Ran General Electric, Socrates in Silicon Valley, The Oasis Within, and his newest book about challenge and change, difficulty and delight is called: Plato’s Lemonade Stand.His work has been covered by television networks like ABC, NBC, and CNN, and in most major newspapers and magazines around the world, including the New York Times and the Economist. His philosophical discoveries are changing lives and revolutionizing businesses all over the globe. He’s also been described as the world’s happiest philosopher.  Get full access to True Thirty at truethirty.substack.com/subscribe
Oct 27 2021
1 hr 51 mins
Abolishing the Police, Patriarchies, and Capitalism
When a Liberal and a Leftist Walk Into a Bar...What happens when two well informed people pull up the proverbial barstool and start a friendly debate over our world’s current issues?  One hell of a conversation, that’s what.  Join me this week with guest Zachary Kihm as we have a lively discussion about critical race theory, the patriarchy, and equality!  In This Episode:Media embellishing narrativesDefunding the PoliceDangers of IdeologyWhere Leftists push too farPreventive measures for crimeMental health funding in a broken systemPatriarchySegregation and IntersectionalityUniversal basic income (UBI) Zachary Kihm is a social worker at Lutheran Social Services of Northern California, currently working with formerly homeless adults. He is also a graduate student at McGeorge School of Law, two classes away from receiving his Master's of Public Administration. Politically, Zachary is involved in local, state, and national politics. He runs two local political organizations -- Progressive Democrats of America Sacramento and Social Democrats USA (SDUSA) Sacramento -- and serves as Vice-Chair of Political Affairs for the Young Democrats of America (YDA) Hispanic Latinx (HLC) Caucus. He was recently elected as a Councilmember for the American Society of Public Administrators (ASPA). Personally, Zachary enjoys sports, reading, and watching anime/shows/movies. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zachary.kihmTwitter: https://twitter.com/KihmZacharyInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/zachkihm/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zachary-elias-kihm-255b3aab/ Get full access to True Thirty at truethirty.substack.com/subscribe
Oct 13 2021
2 hrs 2 mins
Abolishing the Police
In my attempt to figure out the “Defund The Police” movement, I sat down with my buddy John Snetsinger, a recently retired Lieutenant of the Santa Rosa Police Department. We talked a bit about his personal story, his time as a detective, and the many ideas and proposals he has to help the lives of both police officers and the cities they serve. In This Episode:Proper training within departmentsField TacticsEthics in Law EnforcementImplicit BiasesDefund the Police and how that term is detrimentalAdditional funding for precinctsWhen programs get cutPreventive measures for crimeMental health funding in a broken systemFalse narratives of defundingQualified Immunity John Snetsinger is an experienced, and recently retired Lieutenant with over 27 years working in law enforcement. John began his law enforcement career in the city of Belmont, California. Three years later, he joined the Santa Rosa Police Department as a patrol officer. He served as a Field Training Officer, and spent 5 years as a detective, investigating crimes of sexual assault, domestic violence, and computer forensics.In 2004 John was promoted to sergeant.  During his last 10 years in this role, John supervised the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit, was part of the team that established the Family Justice Center and supervised the SRPD School Resource Officers. In 2014, John was promoted to lieutenant, and continued to give back to the community by being on Verity’s Board of Director for 8 ½ years.John remains active in his community and is now honing his skills as an artisan.  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-snetsinger-231b57160/ Get full access to True Thirty at truethirty.substack.com/subscribe
Sep 22 2021
1 hr 39 mins
A Case For Critical Race Theory
In an attempt to understand the complexity and controversy of something called Critical Race Theory (CRT), I sat down with my buddy Dax-Devlon Ross to hear what he had to say. We talked a bit about his personal story as a black man, his time in law school, the reasons he wrote his remarkable book (Letters To My White Male Friends), and why he chose a career in the field of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. During some of our dialogue you’ll hear me laugh when it seems a bit inappropriate… probably due to the absurdity of the ever present racism woven into our culture. I’m gobsmacked about what I have learned over the past few years, and my chat with Dax is only scratching the surface.   In This Episode:Representation in the marketing industryDifferences of diversity, inclusion and equity (DEI)Exploitation of the black consumer baseBiased opinion of “exceptionality” versus “normal”Woke Updates and whitewashing vernacularBret Weinstein and Ideological dangersContempt for black people and how it’s rooted in racist historyBen ShapiroMoving beyond constructs and understanding opposing viewsDax-Devlon Ross has led a career as an educator, non-profit executive, equity consultant and journalist with a focus on social justice. After receiving his Juris Doctorate from George Washington University, he joined New York City Teaching Fellows where he taught in middle and high schools in Brooklyn and Manhattan. He later helped lead the national training and replication team at the Posse Foundation, one of the country’s foremost college access organizations. During his tenure at Bank Street College of Education, he managed the school’s partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service. As the founding Executive Director of After-School All-Stars New York and New Jersey, Dax built, from scratch, a team of 60 full and part-time program, development and operations staff serving more than 1,500 students across two states. Thereafter he served the organization as its inaugural northeast regional executive director, managing five chapter executive directors, while overseeing regional growth strategy, partnership development and management, donor stewardship, board governance and chapter operations.For over a decade, Dax’s social justice consulting practice has focused on developing disruptive strategies to generate equity in workplaces and education spaces alike. Dax’s clients have included: The Anti-Defamation League, The New World Foundation, The Posse Foundation, Fund II Foundation, Bard College, Kean University and more.Dax is the author of five books and his journalism has been featured in Time, The New York Times, The Virginia Quarterly Review and other national publications. He was the winner of the National Association of Black Journalists’ Investigative Reporting Award for his coverage of jury exclusion in North Carolina courts. He is currently an investigative reporting fellow at Type Media Center, an alumnus of Coro Leadership New York and a member of NationSwell Council.  https://dax-dev.com/Twitter: @daxdevIG: @daxdevross Get full access to True Thirty at truethirty.substack.com/subscribe
Sep 8 2021
2 hrs 20 mins
Are Safe Spaces Safe? (Part 2 of a 2 part series)
Brad Berens and Joey sit down and continue the controversial topic of Safe Spaces on college campuses as Part 2 of the series, Are Safe Spaces Safe? The titled book The Coddling of the American Mind, How Good Intentions And Bad Ideas Are Setting Up A Generation for Failure, by Greg Lukianoff & Jonathan Haidt continues as the topic of debate between Brad and Joey.  Another great conversation between two intellectuals offering different perspectives.In This Episode:The Coddling of the American Mind (Continued)Marginalization of communities within universitiesCognitive Behavioral TherapyBenefits of a Safe Space within universitiesHypersensitivity and IntersectionalityWhat is working within universities Brad is a futurist and a historian, or “futuristorian,” and this means that he’s a digital strategist, consultant, editor, writer, critic, public speaker and thinker: mostly about media and technology (new and old), how changes in those evolve in a dynamic with behavior and culture (high and low), marketing (traditional and interactive) and how the things that audiences do with what they watch have a huge impact on who they are.Brad was most recently the Editor in Chief of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and currently acts as a Strategic Advisor for the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future, where Brad leads a handful of exciting projects; he’s also Principal at Big Digital Idea Consulting.It surprises some people to learn that Brad got his start thinking about media, culture and what audiences do with them as a bona fide Shakespearean scholar and stage historian. With a Ph.D. in English from U.C. At Berkeley, he spent years as a teacher and scholar, giving talks about Shakespeare all over the world. From Shakespeare to the internet can seem like a crazy transition, but when you learn that much of my academic work concerns how Shakespeare invented the modern audience — how he created the way we watch movies, TV and other forms of mass culture today — Brad’s weird career trajectory starts to make a bit more sense. You can see his TEDx talk about Shakespeare as a business genius to get a sense of how his first career and subsequent work slam into each other.For an even more impressive overview of Brad, you can read his full bio at https://bradberens.com. Website:https://bradberens.com/Twitter: @bradberensLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bradberens/ Get full access to True Thirty at truethirty.substack.com/subscribe
Aug 17 2021
1 hr 55 mins
Are Safe Spaces Safe? (Part 1 of a 2 part series)
Professor John Durham and Joey sit down and chat about the controversial topic of Safe Spaces on college campuses. This issue was explored at length in the book, The Coddling of the American Mind, How Good Intentions And Bad Ideas Are Setting Up A Generation for Failure, by Greg Lukianoff & Jonathan Haidt. The banter and debate that follows is worth a listen.   In This Episode:The Coddling of the American Mind (book)Brands taking a stand in a stronger waySafe Spaces within universitiesSafe Spaces within corporate AmericaTrigger warning & microaggressions Are liberal ideologies dominating our top universities? Professor John Durham is CEO and Managing Partner for Catalyst S+F (www.catalystSF.com). John has amassed one of the strongest resumes in marketing with a specific focus on digital marketing and advertising sales since 1995. John was formerly President of Sales and Marketing for Jumpstart Automotive Media, successfully engineering the company for sale to Hachette Filipacchi. Prior to his role with Jumpstart, John was EVP, Business Development for Carat Fusion and President of Pericles Consulting. John has also been responsible for overall management of Winstar Interactive (www.winstarinteractive.com) as President/CRO. At Winstar he ran the site specific rep firm for over six years. He oversaw the management of nine offices and sixty employees. John is also a professor at the University of San Francisco and a certified wine collector, knowledgeable in all varieties and selection. You can consider John a sommelier of marketing. www.catalystSF.comTwitter: @thedurham Get full access to True Thirty at truethirty.substack.com/subscribe
Aug 9 2021
1 hr 33 mins
Breaking Masculine Traditions
Dr Adam Dorsay and Joey disassemble the traditional idea of what it means to be masculine in this world and how crucial it is to, even now, recognize individuality and embrace the paradigm of living in your emotions today.In This Episode:Men and emotionsBeginning a new relationship with emotionsMasculine archetypes in historyEvolution of masculinityRecognizing individualityChallenging traditional paradigmTedTalk experienceNumbing outLoneliness versus solitude Dr. Adam Dorsay is a certified executive coach and licensed psychologist working in private practice in Silicon Valley. He specializes in assisting high-achieving adults (including professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and professional athletes) with relationship issues, stress reduction, anxiety, and attaining more happiness in their lives.  In 2016 he gave a well-watched TEDx talk about men and emotions and, more recently, he delivered a TEDx talk on friendship in adulthood. He is also a resiliency expert who has created programs for companies including Facebook and DigitalOcean. He is the host of a psychology podcast called SuperPsyched in which talks with guests about psychology through the eyes of experts from NBA coaches to bestselling authors in the field. Adam is happily married with two young boys and a hypoallergenic 33-pound Australian Labradoodle therapy dog, who lives at his home and works at his office. www.https://dradamdorsay.com/Twitter: @super_psyched LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adam-dorsay-psy-d-a582a2/ Get full access to True Thirty at truethirty.substack.com/subscribe
Jul 27 2021
1 hr 29 mins
An Awakened Life
Daniel Gutierrez enlightens Joey Dumont about what it took to walk away from a life built on societal success and leadership, travel to a monastery in Nepal and ultimately move to Peru to open a retreat and redefine what it means to be fulfilled. In This Episode:Societal constructs around successBeing a political advisorWalking away from it allFinding inner peaceLiving outside of ‘Ego’Serving othersMoving to PeruBuilding a retreat To get to the highest tops, one must explore the deepest depths. Nobody knows that better than Daniel Gutierrez.Once a high-powered executive and in-demand consultant who graced the covers of Latin Business, Cypen and Color Magazines, Daniel realized that there was more to success than a 7-figure earning potential. As President of PRIMER, a prestigious national leadership organization and an advisor to the Department of White House Personnel for the Obama Administration, Daniel was a highly regarded and deeply revered leader. Though Daniel was listed as one of the “Top 100 Hispanics in America” along with extraordinary individuals such as Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, actor Edward James Olmos and CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, something was still missing.Daniel clearly mastered the outer game. But his intuition told him that to feel fulfilled, he must also master the inner game.To everyone’s surprise, at the height of his career Daniel dared to leave it all behind and decided to dedicate the next chapter of his life to becoming a Master of Mindfulness. During the past 10 years Daniel has led nearly 30 quests to the heights of the Machu Picchu, the depths of the Amazon and the top of the Himalayas. After the boardroom, now he has been guiding entrepreneurs and corporate executives in deep dive mindfulness immersions. Though mindfulness is a lifelong practice, Daniel has become known for giving life-altering strategies in as little as 60 seconds.In the midst of Manhattan chaos, Daniel has been turning cubicles from a place of stress to pads of serenity. When facing extreme pressure, executives now go from high-strung to highly productive. Even Wall Street had to admit that when you want to climb to the top, there is nothing like following someone who is as comfortable in the boardroom as on the backbone of a mountain, having led thousands to the greatest heights of true success.A beloved mentor and sought-after motivational speaker, Daniel was featured in the documentary Luminous World Views as one of eighteen world-renowned thought leaders in the area of transformation and leadership. In November 2018 Daniel appeared as a special guest for renowned teacher, Michel Pascal on one of the biggest stages in the world, Carnegie Hall in New York City. He addressed a sold-out crowd with musical support from Earth Wind and Fire, Madonna and Michael Jackson’s best musicians. He is a bestselling author, who is excited to release his fifth book, Radical Mindfulness. Website:https://www.danielgutierrez.com/TW: @motivatordanFb:  @abundancedaniel Get full access to True Thirty at truethirty.substack.com/subscribe
Jul 20 2021
1 hr 17 mins
Art of LyingAllowing Ourselves to Acknowledge Experiences
Hannah shares an open conversation with Joey about the value of sharing personal experiences with others to support a deeper discussion about the anxiety and emotions we all face. She also talks about being intentional and not being afraid to ask questions. Plus, they bond over a mutual love for Ironman. In This Episode:Difference between mental health in Britain vs the United StatesMeghan Markle and Prince HarrySocietal reactions on suicide occurrence vs suicidal tendenciesDepression and perspectives of being depressedFamily dynamics PsychotherapyCoping with social anxietySupporting youth with mental awarenessIntentional conversationsCinema therapyHannah Stainer is a Mental Wellbeing Coach, Youth Coach, a qualified Teacher and Speaker. She’s the creator and host of the Psykhe Mental Wellbeing Podcast. Hannah has a Postgraduate Diploma in Special and Inclusive Educational Needs (specializing in Dyslexia and Autism), a Diploma in Life Coaching, a Level 3 Yoga Instructor qualification, a Masters Degree in Psychology and is a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society. Hannah has experience of living with depression and anxiety, imposter syndrome, people-pleasing and an awful relationship with herself. She realized one day she wasn’t really ok and set out to change her life, to be ok. Now she’s sharing what she’s learnt with others.Hannah is a keen Mental Health advocate and holds several voluntary roles including as a Time to Change Champion, a Rethink Mental Illness Peer Mentor, a Cruse Bereavement Support Volunteer and a Samaritans Listening Volunteer.https://www.psykhe.co.uk/IG: @psykhecoachingTW: @psykhecoachingFb:  @psykhecoaching Get full access to True Thirty at truethirty.substack.com/subscribe
Jun 26 2021
58 mins
Becoming the Catalyst in Our Story with Mark Henick
Mark Henick dives in with Joey Dumont sharing his personal journey seeking mental health treatment as a young boy and overcoming the breakdowns in a still-broken healthcare system for youth in Canada. He discusses the shift we actively take in our lives that change our course as shared in his personal memoir, So Called Normal.In This Episode:Shifting life’s trajectoryDifferent roles we play in other peoples’ livesAuthoring a bookNear death experienceDepression and suicide ideationIndividuationCreating the support needed for mental health patientsExperience in psychiatric wards and the dehumanization patients experienceProblem with the current mental healthcare system for youthsInformed by his direct experience with stigma and the mental health care system, Mark Henick dedicated his life from an early age to opening minds and creating change.Mark is the principal and CEO of Strategic Mental Health Solutions, a boutique consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations and individuals to move strategically from basic mental health awareness toward meaningful, measurable action.He has previously served as the youngest president of a provincial Canadian Mental Health Association division in history, the youngest member of the board of directors for the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and a national spokesperson for the Faces of Mental Illness campaign. He has worked as a front line mental health counsellor, and the manager of a national workplace mental health training program. Prior to his present role, Mark oversaw the Fund Development and Marketing & Communications portfolios for the Canadian Mental Health Association as National Director of Strategic Initiatives.Mark’s TEDx talk, Why We Choose Suicide, is among the most watched in the world with over 6 million views. His story of searching for “the man in the light brown jacket” who saved his life from a teenage suicide attempt went viral around world. When Mark learned of products being sold on Amazon that promoted suicide, his successful online petition to have them removed garnered tens of thousands of signatures and again gained global media attention. The worldwide rights to Mark’s first book have been acquired by HarperCollins.Mark brings a diverse and unique perspective of someone who has been a patient, a professional, and a policy influencer in the mental health system. He lives with his family in Toronto, Canada. Website:https://markhenick.com/IG: @markhenick     FB: https://www.facebook.com/markhenick/      TW: @markhenick Get full access to True Thirty at truethirty.substack.com/subscribe
Jun 22 2021
1 hr 3 mins
Tackling the Public Health Crisis of Suicide with Guest Ryan Casey WallerBeing Smarter with Your Mental Health with Guest Lucas WolfeEmmy-Nominated Bryan Behar Joins Joey Dumont on Laugh Your Cry Out