Dr. Roy Pope - Know Your Market

The Dr. Will Show Podcast

Oct 5 2022 • 34 mins

Dr. Roy Pope has served as a teacher, coach, college professor, and school administrator in the United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for more than two decades.  When Dr. Roy and his wife, Dr. Risa, moved to the UAE 9 years ago, they saw a global need for an efficient, effective, multilingual professional development platform for educators.  As a result, they created EdGuru.

EdGuru began as the source for English and Arabic online professional development and has now expanded to meet the needs of educators, entrepreneurs, and other professionals worldwide.

The services that EdGuru offers are:

  • EdGuru OPD: online professional development for schools and organizations,
  • Virtual academies for schoolteachers and leaders,
  • My Time English: an AI English language learning platform,
  • GURU 4 YOU: instructor-led and self-paced classes to earn CEUs, and
  • EdGuru Edge: a multilingual blog for educators, parents, and students.

Dr. Roy is the author of 9 Ways to Increase Student Achievement and School Success, which details best practices educators can apply to achieve professional and academic growth. In 9 Ways, he details the specific tools needed for educators to get to know their students and their learning styles and to make their classrooms safe, engaging, enjoyable learning environments.

Dr. Roy has been honored as Principal of the Year, the City Councils’ Outstanding Citizen, and the City’s Star Principal.   He has also received the Martin Luther King, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award and hosted former FLOTUS Michelle Obama as the guest speaker during her “Let’s Move” campaign.

When he is not fulfilling his duties as CEO of EdGuru, he enjoys traveling with his wife, reading, and watching documentaries.  Dr. Roy considers himself a fervent, global educational leader and a lifelong learner with a zeal for motivating others to succeed and achieve their goals!