"Building Dreams Through Conversations, Community, and Laughter" - 195

Lead with Love: Creativity, Business & Life with Jadah Sellner

Nov 23 2022 • 57 mins

We’re in a season where transparency, critical conversations, and deepening connections matter more than ever as we navigate these uncharted waters of collective burnout. Anti-hustle is the antidote to burnout. So we also need more lightness and laughter to not take ourselves too seriously. And I can think of no one more perfect than my close friend, Tamika Lewis to explore these topics.

Tamika Lewis, LCSW is the founder and Clinical Director of Womxn of Color Therapy Inc., a mental health and wellness center that supports teens and womxn of color in Los Angeles, California. She specializes in women's issues and emphasizes the importance of decolonizing traditional approaches to psychotherapy. Her company offers individual therapy, energy healing, self-care workshops, and massage.

Tamika is also a contributor to many publications, including Thrive Global, Washington Post, and Prevention Magazine. She is currently working on her book Tiny Moves: Defining Moments that Change Us. Tamika enjoys collaborating with other health and wellness practitioners and speaking on topics relating to women, relationships, and tools for personal success. To learn more about Tamika’s work, visit Woctherapy.com.

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

:: Why it’s important as a leader to focus on transparency and intimate conversations to bring people closer (especially if you have a team)

::  A look back at the mastermind that we had together and the impact that it had on the both of us for building our dreams

::  What it looks like to shift from doing your day-to-day work to being a visionary for your company

::  The essential things that women of color who are exploring clinical and therapeutic support should look for

::  A magical story about Tamika’s daughter manifesting her dreams (with a celebrity singer we both admire) that demonstrates the power in appreciating the work that others do

::  Tamika’s advice for others building a business and pursuing their dreams, and the way that she is returning to the essence of who she is through nature and regular practices

You can find the full show notes from this episode over at jadahsellner.com/_195

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