“Writing She Builds: From Concept to Completion” - 190

Lead with Love: Creativity, Business & Life with Jadah Sellner

Oct 19 2022 • 50 mins

Welcome to season 5 of the Lead with Love Podcast. In this episode, I am super excited to share another behind-the-scenes conversation on my book-writing process with my dear friend and personal book coach Azul Terronez.

Azul is the host of the top writing podcast Authors Who Lead™ and helps entrepreneurs and leaders write and publish books that people love. His coaching program, Authors Who Lead, is built around the idea that creating books is about building the conversation that you want to own. Azul is a fascinating storyteller, phenomenal friend, and coach with a teacher's heart. He has his own TEDx talk “What Makes a Good Teacher Great” which has been viewed over 3 million times.

In this episode, we explore the evolution of how I wrote my newest book, She Builds: The Anti-Hustle Guide to Grow Your Business and Nourish Your Life.

If you've ever wanted to peek behind the curtains of what it's like to publish a book from concept to completion (finding your idea to actually getting it out into the world), then you will love today's conversation.

She Builds is available for pre-order now. Head over to shebuilds.com to claim your bonuses, so you can start your year with clarity and focus. She Builds will officially be available on November 15, 2022, at your favorite booksellers. \

What you'll hear (and don't want to miss!):

:: The biggest lessons I learned from writing my new book and how this process has shifted the way that I see myself

:: One of the biggest challenges I faced when writing my latest book, She Builds

:: Thoughts on pushing back on editing changes from a publisher, and why it’s okay to stand up for yourself and your messag

:: Who She Builds was written for and why Azul believes so strongly in getting clear with who you are writing for

:: Our best advice for any aspiring authors who want to write a book

You can find the full show notes from this episode over at jadahsellner.com/190

Preorder your copy of She Builds now at shebuilds.com.