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Haiden Buxley is (not) dealing well with the sudden disappearance of their roommate and best friend, Riley Jenkins. Told through a series of voicemail calls and audio recordings, Haiden starts to realise that there’s more to Riley’s vanishing act than meets the eye. On Riley’s end, she's writing letters she will never send to Haiden, trying to explain why she disappeared and the danger the two friends are in… read less

Episode 10 - Reunion
Jan 27 2023
Episode 10 - Reunion
Episode 10: Reunion Haiden finds the answers they’ve been looking for, Riley dares to hope. CW: Memory issues, character death, references to psychiatric help, arguments, tense situations, swearing. SFX: Repeated beeping (voicemail), phone vibrations, car crash (breaking tyres, smashing glass), loud noises, creaking, high pitched noises, writing This week's transcript has been delayed and will be added to the episode when available, thank you for your patience.   SFX by lyd4tuna, DiArchangeli, dkcu, SpaceJoe, kyles, alec_mackay, MokoLoKo, VithorMoraes, deleted_user_4772965, ryancacophany, mrh4hn, jrssandoval, vestibule-door, Kinoton, Breviceps, Sheyvan, LamaMakesMusic, naturenotesuk, joshuacouch, Glitchedtones, audible-edge, magnuswaker, stingray1abyss, SoundsForHim and apintofmild via Freesound.org and "Small Crash Series" from YouTube Audio Library Credits Written and directed by L M Clohessy. Produced by L M Clohessy and Natasha Johnston. Script Editing by Natasha Johnston. Audio Editing by Natasha Johnston. Social Media by Kit Lovick. Logo by Eilidh Lang. Transcript by LM Clohessy and Kit Lovick. This episode featured: Kit Lovick as the Voicemail. Beca Barton as Haiden Buxley. Hannah Lapworth as Riley Jenkins. Theo Wampuszyc as Jamie Narrow. Original theme arranged by Natasha K Johnston in Chrome Music Lab and Audacity with SFX by stecman, albertomarun, waveplaySFX via Freesound.org To keep up to date with us, including episode drops and behind the scenes content, follow us on Twitter @Hit_Replay_AD.