TPP #87 | Trust Life's Curveballs with Kelsey Brooks

The Parable Podcast with Danielle Zapchenk

Apr 26 2023 • 37 mins

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered how did I get here? It has definitely happened more than a few times. Today you are going to meet my friend Kelsey Brooks. I met her 17 years ago as a high school student who lit up the room with her smile and nowis an amazing woman.

"It was more just me realizing I don't know a lot about myself.  And That was the catalyst for my relationship with Christ really changing. Because that is when I was like, 'why am I so sad and broken.' So Lord, can we talk." - Kelsey Brooks

Learning about yourself is hard work and Kesley knows first hand. Transitions are hard and God wants us to shape us.  I am so proud of Kelsey and the tough work she put in too.  Her desire to be dependent on Him through the comfortable and uneasy is something that is admirable.  I hope you can continue to trust the curveballs in your life and enjoy this conversation with Kelsey Brooks.

Our Conversation Points:

  • Single - is there something wrong with me?
  • Dealing with the Divorce of your parents
  • Spending time in reflection
  • Grace within the season of divorce
  • How to lovingly have boundaries with your parents

Reflection Questions:

  1. It is just about talking with God and it doesn't have to be formal.  He is the one that is going to  Just talk to him.
  2. Journal about a time when you were in a tough transition and you can see where God was at work.

Connect with Kelsey Brooks


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