181 Survival Through Innovation with Truv.com

Mortgage Marketing Expert

Nov 2 2023 • 31 mins

In this episode of the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast, host Phil Treadwell sits down with Taylor Stork from Developer's Mortgage, and Kirill Klokov & Richard Grieser from Truv.com, to discuss creating efficiency with innovation in the mortgage space and how Loan Officers and more can save money in their loan process verifications.

Taylor Stork is the COO of Developer's Mortgage & President of CHLA
Kirill Klokov is the Co-Founder & CEO of Truv.com
Richard Geiser is the VP of Marketing at Truv.com

Episode Breakdown:

01:15 - The Costs of Originating a Loan & How to Reduce Them

04:45 - How Truv is Saving Clients Money

09:30 - The Evolution of Verifications

14:40 - The Opportunity for Truv

17:15 - How Truv Works for Lenders (and Borrowers)

19:00 - “We need to put the consumer FIRST”

23:00 - What’s the Future of Truv

26:45 - Remind Past Customers You Exist

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